Story Time;


1. Introducing Stacey

Stacey is a 6 year old girl with a small but happy family. Her and her twin brother, Sean, are the youngest out of 7. But she only lived with her Mom, Only two of her older sisters, and the only son of the family, her twin. Vanessa was the oldest in the house and Jaelyn was the second oldest in the house. But the oldest of her moms kid lived in another state with her husband and kids. And the second oldest of her moms kids, was grown, had her life and job. But she would come to the house a lot.

She never met her dad, and so growing up she was lucky to have a twin brother. He was her father figure at all times. He was the one who always had to be overprotective and was worried all the time. He was there to fight her exes and then to make sure no guy ever even gets a chance to hurt her.

Stacey is a very determined and considerate person. But went through so much. She had her life completely planned out, every step to her future was organized. But as she got older, she went through tough times even a depression phase. She started to lose lot of people. And the family stopped being so happy all time. They had lots of hardships. And so the twins made some mistakes.

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