The Kringe

A dark, krep reaper, finds that a soul, promised to be kept only if, he could escape the dark woods of fox, island and find the nightmare key..
His freinds perhaps would have better luck if they followed his lead..
Copy rite


Author's note

Horrified for Halloween

25. The wish, of a unrealistic nihtmare..

was it greedy or not, was that the wish and the .. Unexplained note,, what was in the real words..

Somehow the dreaded wish needed more or something else...any dor could fit the key but, this door reminded Sam, he was just thinking too much, he needed some kind of key to fit the second door, and a wide open tearful welcome, he thought another wish could release and end the nightmares.

Somehow al the story's and books ended in his own head the plot needed to have lies?.

He would good at that, but he somehow knew, his story of wishful thinking was disturbed and unreal.

Krispy somehow saw, the door she, fell into, how could you sam! 

Jeanie seemed to be just in her door full unopened mystery, are you sister said sam!

Hiw would Krispy know that jeanie was somewhere in the skeletons door.

Someway it creeped them both and even sam saw his way to i perfect nightmare..

Everything started to get darker and shadows began roaming the night air in a daylight of frantic ghosts...

Fox island was remebered by that, it was somehow a Nightamre itself a mystery beyond the doors, yet ony one of three, there seemed to only be three doors and two have been opened already wishes semed to come true..

His Emoitiin started to become unrealistically real. Yet the real life set in. Im trapped on this island.. Fox island coudnt be real enough what made it diffferent was it was in some triangle..

Unknown unseen before,, the letter on the door was just another feeling, to an U aswered question the goosebumps were allover them..

How could you escape the reaper,, he wa the only real mosnster in the shadows somehow he started to be dead,, but not impossibly gone.. The wish he rendered sam ws it coming rea.l was there some kind of wish that was freely given..

Life doesn't come that easy,, everyone has the fate and a wish was just the healing process.. What do you want? Sam pondered that nothing was real anymore..

He semed to want nothing anyway. It woudnt stop the night from coming though it woudnt stop the real story from coming out...

The door had the open and unsatisfying, truth the mystery was the souls had to be somewhere, the real thinking Sam somehow desired himself from living and being alive..

What was real,️life Like probably no such thing.. It all be fantasy of this Nightamre..

Then the door, started to mark him and he found the searching the, of s new door but it was still second the third one was not found ye, nor the key and the mystery of it was unanswered howver, a new dream started to come out, and the tale of his mind..

A new, and great wish, he demanded to not be alone, perhaps it was the only way out!

Outside the triangle was some unknown place by now perhaps clear minds hut yet no matter what the nightmares seemed evry where...

The sudden doooor he searched seemed open and then gandered into it once again. Somehow it pleased him then it toook it time the other side was sacry unknown again..

Some bieng was there?..

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