The Kringe

A dark, krep reaper, finds that a soul, promised to be kept only if, he could escape the dark woods of fox, island and find the nightmare key..
His freinds perhaps would have better luck if they followed his lead..
Copy rite


Author's note

Horrified for Halloween

24. The second door of pleasure... Thrirty page chapter

the whole, Nightamre began.. As a wake up,, he saw the very..door as his mentality took him over,, what so sacry about this,, is that Sam saw the monsters and the ️️secret they lived,, but the Nightamre was truly an unanswered and even more frieghtening experience.

That only some could get away and answer! The door perhaps had second been there..

The very trap that lay in the room Krispy somehow had her <K and her first name somewhere in the nite.. Sam became very,, shooken, and chilled,, her letter suddenly gave him the Willeys, this is the letter, but perhaps the letter C had more words but it was missing the whole chills and fears it portrayed.

The monsters inside were just festered and the faces too..

Sam realized that maybe the soul he had was just being, saved for now...

As he opened the second door the word kringe came to the door step..

He got so terrified and nothing else,, the monster didn't even have a face..

The whole experience was that, the kringe was undoubtedly the Nightamre but he know knew that his wish was forever..

Something the reaper woudnt bargain with...

The soul he had was perhaps in the very mirror.. And suddenly the game of the door that lead to hell, was opening and the door crept he then went through and saw many more skeletons and sacry benign things...

As real as his mind,, the real things inside the monster with Beaty red eyes and fierce claws suddenly wouldn't escape ..

Midnight seemed hours away from dawn and, he had no way out this time...

I think sam ran as, Krissy was asleep, too no one could wake him up..

The real nightamres, shivered him, as scold sweat, the eary and scary sounds then,, went from, real pain too sudden wishes.. Somehow though sam escaped again. But he coudnt escape the raeper and the dark shadows and he muttered his wish of being forever what?

He then maybe wanted to live forvere? But no one was bargaining for that..

It's just a dream beyond real... The door perhaps had many answers, still sam saw his selfish mmd trying to escape the very trap that gave jeanie away..

His selfish mentality and his greedy ways.. He thought he was escaping possibly untill the souls began festering his mind,, and then he almost died until he manage to escape..

But fate was only keeping him undead, his chances were just his luckkk..

Suddenly life seemed real enough and the shadows were he left the note were stil inside that door of hell..

The fear and the monsters were very real by now... And sam saw his key he had locked up tight.. There were only three doors and sam only found two.. Would the third end this miserable Nightamre ?

The reaper only had the answer and Sam found himself lucky this time,, but what was a laying outside his mind and thoughts was the fear he woudnt escaoe the next time the Nightamre was real and the only way to escape perhaps was something in his souls..

He already gave one and it was real hut he needed to find his real Nightamre before he could get up?.

The dream festered and was real if he didn't wake up he would never find his dream of forvere?

The reaper wanted something? But sam thought of his survival out of fox island..

The night was over but day lay now.. The does in his room,, he wondering about that,, could he escape before midnight without fainting,, he was doing good so far..

He then Started to wonder what he wrote on that note to the hell that was missing..

The reaper he saw the letter k, and then remebred the mystery possibly was simply not his mind but the wish.. Possibly escaping the horrors of forvere. He then realize at the tick of midnight a new nitar re was waiting for his soul he, the decided to look and search the room before then..


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