The Kringe

A dark, krep reaper, finds that a soul, promised to be kept only if, he could escape the dark woods of fox, island and find the nightmare key..
His freinds perhaps would have better luck if they followed his lead..
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Author's note

Horrified for Halloween

34. The real door third, time..

It seemed that the other side of door two was, meaningful a brite Fiuture of , Somesortyessok his relief maybe was that something's are for a reason.. Life seemed good until, a problem of the door and the first wish, ️️️️thinking sam turned away ignoring it? Could he ignore that forver or was the reaper the krInge inside..

Sam suddenly realized that the balance was somehow a stroy of eveil souls...

The ghost was never explained a mystery of some, silent things voices noises, what life was meant to be...

No, matter what a second chance of the pure, pleasures he had were granted... 

Howver the key had somekind of urk besides the fact it lay somewhere under his pillow..

The locket it came in, and the key it really was, it was another wish that was perhaps coming three, wishes were never good, suddenly was it going take over sam again or, is paradise enough..

The ghost and its beutiful vibrant shadows outcome and the deep reaper had seemed to come out, in a deifying roar.

The only way out make a wish but, the key was or semed to be more powerful, yet the reaper wasn't giving up on the promise he made.. The ghost of beuty somehiw turned ugly against that...

The key glowed the morning away. The missing door and the bones and wishes had stretd to shake the island house, and the question remained upon the wish that somehow escaped the the room..

Sam seemed to see the real wishes that e reaper had, but the key was aset to have some evik too..

Coincidently a, Great mind of evil and good, found the ️true , lock I see it but I can't believe it sam, then saw past midnight was coming... The reaper stared to get a soul he thought he had..


Sam your luck is about to give up?.. The reaper voice shattered but his words were trying to give sam no hope, he was who you seem to be.. Uncaring and greedy.. 

The truth sam,, he saw the pride, isee another wish,, but you behold the power, within that key... The voice seemed to go into sams head.. The reaper wanted to get the key,, but he didn't give in, you signed it!, 

The truth sam said I never got that wish... Yes but the reaper replied, you are seeing the truth.. What ever that meant? The real paraduse is hidden with the, other mysetry he didn't give up, no matter what?. And the Trurth was in the words and since he found the real ... Word hidden back together... The ghost behind him stared and the thing became minutes and faster,,, this is the krInge the ghost replied"""

You have yet to find your way out, he had your wish! Now sam realized nothing was forver..


He woke but he had only thirty minutes till midnight, to figure out the third door, perhaps going and escaping fox iskand would bring him back to an, place were reality is always set.. 

Howevr the horror was the book seemed to be the perfect fit on the back was that the Nightamre key it semed now that the lock was stuck perhaps it wasn't?. And anew evil thing of nightamresand ghost seem to worry the time outside the book sam saw the hideous of things. He got again, and gandered and saw himself...

The new door needs to be found it lies with the kringe... He solved that but he needs to solve the first wish.... Perhaps the key is somewhere out in fox island...


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