The Kringe

A dark, krep reaper, finds that a soul, promised to be kept only if, he could escape the dark woods of fox, island and find the nightmare key..
His freinds perhaps would have better luck if they followed his lead..
Copy rite


Author's note

Horrified for Halloween

23. The kringe, real but shooken

The door seemed to fit the key, I see him in her mirror, she was just to frieghtened..

The boat she came on Probbably sank her words her, very ambitions.

I am kristty, she said, in her hallow voice,, sam knew she aperent ly was somehow..

The word and letter of the missing C the Nightamre was real and he thought very good..

She never really spoke and the eary noises were within SAMs hut..

Kristty howver seemed to be the same,, but she fainted, and her restless voice was there.

Sam knew, she was having a bad Nightamre too.

The door unexpectedly was just opened yet Sam gave her another time, her souls seemed full of envy, but she was in fact. Missing her own.

Sam was just thinking of getting off this gil forgotten island..

The beast he mumbled he, then fell faint too, they seemed to be near midnight..

The dilution was an onset, the clock ticked and ticked the new Nightamre, was just begining...

It started to see the real face of the whole horror story, the keys were trully locked.

Sam somehow had to get the whole, story straight and find the, other two doors, before he knew that, it would save his soul..

This place is Trully hell,, his thoughts were in the, door unforgettable.. The Nightamre criss crossed his mind and the bones of jeanie seemed my serious as who they might be?

This, was a ️true Nightamre, again the sudden mystery began to open some..

Krispy seemed to be by his side on that Nightmare, she seemed to be in the same room and door..

The monster suddenly caved upon them this fear and, face scared both of them to faint..

The very nightmare began to see that... The reaper howver was onn hen ther side and the 

Mystery of SAMs life was is winf of forever,, but he didn't realize what was forvever..

Was his wish he now remebered... Never real or just not possible... 

Somehow every story some one had had, never survived the forever.. One..?

Then his mind came back some Sam suddenly saw his wish was written. ️Down forver what? Though was it greedy enough..

The monster stred him in his eyes...

And his door was locked and the wish was, making him cringe..

The letter K, marked the door. And his mind streted to see, that the skeleton was,, awakened.. Suddenly sam saw th whole mystery in new light as scary and freigthening as these monsters face were.. They never would leave utill sam thought his way out..


Somehow the K, was the letter mystery but what fear and wish was forvere...

Sam slept in that... And his fear started to answer his question as he opened the second  door...


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