The Kringe

A dark, krep reaper, finds that a soul, promised to be kept only if, he could escape the dark woods of fox, island and find the nightmare key..
His freinds perhaps would have better luck if they followed his lead..
Copy rite


Author's note

Horrified for Halloween

21. The Kringe part 2 behind the severed

the face was hideous and the soul was never let out, it was another Nightime dream, and the ️️️️thinking of his soul being free was not really done..

Sam womdered, and then realized some horrible book was just being aside the key, but two keys we're yet somehow mysterious gone,,, I don't remember any of this that's the problem..

Sam suddenly began to have his Nightmare re awakened by the very fear he might of thought, now she locked in a door and perhaps my soul was not the one I thought.

The, story of the book was behind him all the time, and his pillow dripping with sweat, was finally under him. Aw he then suddenly saw fear that gasped him,,

This reality seemed real and never ending,,, 

The very soul was next to him, I see nothing he thought, I see the door way to hell.

The next, visoin was upon him, and he was again suddenly deep nestled back on the room and hut, and his key didn't see the mysterious door on the other side, I never loved no one he said!"

I never knew love ..

He then realized that the fear he was always having was being alone. Then saw to meet some nice people for, some reason the door was still shattered. Lock and the key was under his pillow. A very dark storm caused heavy rain and flooding, that seems real enough though to have him wonder that the, night he was awake for some reason. He began to open the door that was on his mirror, under the, book it seemed small at first that haunted him.

He realized that the face was again suddenly the soul he had was not the right one..

Perhaps he was to blame of this terrible Nightmare,, jeanie seemed to gone far away somewhere.. But the monster seemed to getting closer and closer as real as the door started to open... The key was not near him by this point a haunted shadow was so ominously aside the skeletons on the mirror draw, and the door, started to creek open..

What happened next was so, terrifying it stood just minutes before him. A face that he saw again shooken his, nightmare and his chills and bumps on his body began to see a, terrifying face, the second he opened the door it seemed like her skeleton.

Or someone, and Sam wondered if the soul was still alive...

The skeleton  was full shedding bones and evert. It was seemingly demented, in a way it had brought his mind back to a real deletion as so the Nightmare was still there, howevr.

He started to shut it untill the bones became brittle and know kdd him over, sam then ran into he rain and saw two guyys help him, a sudden wake up call, to his nightmare.

Sam said why are you following me, they just asked were jeanie was.

He didn't realize, he was inside her, I think she left somewhere off the island he said...

They began to think, that, and Sam started to give them a clue beyond the dark storm..

Mysteriously they started to, give way to the hut and, eneterhellll the door seeing the bones and screaming there way out..

They got traped but not for long as the sun started to rise midnight seem to always make, nightmares  come back...

I kinda forgot what was that they replied"" Sam knew them that they wee freinds of jeanie.

We acnt belive this, the other day, she must be missing... Sam just went along with that..

Suddenly she seemed dead, or alive.. And Sam started to wonder if the nightmares were either slowly easing or coming back...

Howevr the day started to come to a sun filled sky, untill, they needed help, we must see the book they asked and suddenly they saw a fearfull face of some kind of red ink..

We can't raed this they muddered,, Sam began to realize the ️️secret in the book..

As if he thought a good excuse to hisde his soul again... And escape this horrid island...



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