The Kringe

A dark, krep reaper, finds that a soul, promised to be kept only if, he could escape the dark woods of fox, island and find the nightmare key..
His freinds perhaps would have better luck if they followed his lead..
Copy rite


Author's note

Horrified for Halloween

27. the dooR,,of wish keeps

The ghost had your wish written,, the k and c were somehow always related trying to figure that out..

Again SAMs nighta was filled with great and wonderful things, his mind sesneced ️️true great things ahead, untill the real things came out,, a mirror of a naked face,, this wasn't the wish he thought..

This is to real life is real,, he played to much with night,ares to fantasize the wish he wanted...

Sam suddenly entered the first door and then opened it,, a pathway opened his demented ways...

He semed sane, but deep down he was left out,

The blu ghost helped him the white fuzz became another demention...Sam saw the blue And light pretty violet, air and outskirts of his shadow and ghost..

The sudden relief of the cold sweat, gave him chills and love and goosebumps.


Life seemed okay for now but, more was somehow going to come...

It was a cycle of this and good and bad always won, the imperfect was the sudden. Way it always seem to be..

Sam suddenly dreamt of his ️️true wish somehow,, the door kept it locked and in his mind..

The ️️secret however was a sudden disbelief of a, ghost and her sister..

Howevr the door started to keep him inside of great pleasure and nice things...

Since it didn't last forver,, sam realized that the door perhaps was just starting to keep him alive enough he was dead inside but never gave up ..

The Nightamre and the now cringe of it all seem to miss the very point of the stroy ..

Now the myatery ahead the, door kept his original wish the very soul was a reminder that ️life had always given up somehow.. Never do that somehow the wish was fled into his mind thinking that the free way to let go. Was to suddenly vanish heis mind and the souls stilll were kept in his mind..

No matter what, the hell existed inside him, but the other side was sweet and goood, and full Nice things... Howver the nightamres lived and the other side perhaps kept it there.. Could it go away. Sam was thinking that his first wish never really came true and he thought to get back to reality..

It would be hard howver he found a note again these, things seemed endless..

But reaper found him, a sudden sister lead him to the very note, of good deeds..

The meaning of this was to never sign anything not known...

The ghost seemed ino scent and pure but, the dream wasn't going anywhere instead the Nightamre wasn't over....

Krissy now saw his other side, he was somewhat not as nice as thought but, Other ghost side was his very own soul that gave a good deed..

Finally he got his soul kept but, what about the people was that an imagination was his kringe. Really aside the ️true story,, keeping lies taught him that he real secrets were within, that..

Life living on fox island seem to be like real life, instead a musty and mysteruious being lay ahead that...

Going inside the door he picked now the, very number two, had full of the wish he always wanted even before he was on fox islamd... Going to forevr, without the pain.. Hell seemd to be a thought,, the clock had midnight as one of the devious minds..

Sam suddenly saw a fire of a reaper, and the scary onset of the first wish,, never went away perhaps that was the cringe, behind it all,,?

Suddenly the second door had a past of muttered and eary voices inside the same room..

And the voice never spoke and the ghost never gave him an clear mind or answer...

As horrifying as that seemed life became real again..

Going into a door seemed to open a mysetry suddenly inside he realized to go deeper and further without thinking of any, Emoition or thoughts..

A fiery hell was, just a way to bring the dead alive,, what ️️secret kept the living there..

Only sam coudnt escape this time... It was after indigent and the reaper was becoming relentlis now.. He perhaps wanted SAMs soul...

Sam became pale freightened and wondered about. The real wish he thought would never end.. Was it possible to see, the real way life came.. Forevr was defiante his fanatsy.

Looking more the face seemed to come burden behind a past of another... Letter R and the number was six and hell began the reaper was perhPs the best was to find his only desire.... Good came but went the reaper spoke silently reminding sam that he only has one soul...

He relized he better keep it Good and find the way out before he get caught by th reaper..

And the door trapped the mirror though saw a pure face,, what was inside was even more demented..  A Nightamre a wish that pondered him and a key but he was missing the only one the Nightamre one... Sam started to walk but found that the whole fear of that wish needed to become real to get out of fox island... It seemed as if the clock followed a eary vibe next to every shadow in the door... His soul and every one was shattered by the sound.... The real story wasn't given up this time it was harder to escape the nightmare behind the door..

Sam then shouted and screamed and the reaper locked and the key he thought.. He coudnt be smarter then death itself yet he seemed to be alive...

The sacry clock tinkered he was running out of time...

Sam then saw the letter K, was always befor the real lies of the C perhaps his wish was behind the real mystery trying to escape he looked at a pure ghost that suddenly gave him one wish only to find his ️true life and happiness, then sam remebered the reaper own demise the shadows and the love he didn't have...

It was hard but mosters arrived it count be any more reall.

Midnight was ticking could he escape?

The reaper was only going by luck this time and not fate...

Sam remebered it was much like life, but something eary also wasn't right about the door and the key he lost,, the next door was lost and perhaps the one wish of forever was the only one that could keep him alive...

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