The Kringe

A dark, krep reaper, finds that a soul, promised to be kept only if, he could escape the dark woods of fox, island and find the nightmare key..
His freinds perhaps would have better luck if they followed his lead..
Copy rite


Author's note

Horrified for Halloween

14. Midnight revenge

Jeanie, I thought you. We're nice guy sam suddenly he turned another, face your just a soul he replied? 


Jeanie saw he gone mad, and was being, out before he could do that,,

️️Sa seemed crazy, somehow he thought he wa being a victim,, but the real Nightmare was just begining..

Outside the hut, the dark beast was there jeanie was somehow, outside..

I see the monster, he Apis as hideous as I thought and jeanie fainted be his, appearence it was that scary that sam could hardly see and he threw up. You are so the words were so,,

Frightening he ran inside as the monster, to come closer he had claws, and very sharp piercing teeth, ️Sam ran as fast as he could staring to sweat and see his worst Nightamre come true.

I hadn't wished this, but the things he did were inside his head, he knew thhis monster, was the sdarkest being alive it had gouged piercing things, I think you should, leave

Jeanie somehow saw fire and wanted to help Sam,, but her willing ness kept her, somewhat, still, of fears,, the Nightamre its inside of you,,,

The scariest most awful sudden curse was coming to reality.. But your deletions still haunt you, and suddenly, saw something to cringe bout but some other dark deep secrets were hiding him!

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