The Kringe

A dark, krep reaper, finds that a soul, promised to be kept only if, he could escape the dark woods of fox, island and find the nightmare key..
His freinds perhaps would have better luck if they followed his lead..
Copy rite


Author's note

Horrified for Halloween

13. Midnight revenge

Somehow. Fox island had to be ominously, frightening, I see, the door on my side, yes jeanie saw a Simialar door, what makes youn tired too, I find that odd, what nightmare is here..

Sam suddenly feel faint, it must be nighttime, again I always get like this jeanie, started to see he wasn't in the best condition.

I have to go she said, why sam asked because of the door,,

She knew that the door somehow had, a weird ring to it? For one it was marked and too had six, and signs of a red dye..

Im frightened about this she said"

The only way what? Sam seemed incoherent, wait he suddenly seemed he was in his dream.

I have to be ease, what now?

He seemed to be blank a more scary unreal,fantasy earned the very wish he knew, I see many skulls again, I must be thinking of this?

His eary little pleasure, was inside the dream.. Some semed  goood, but he was seeing a sweaty and terrifying amount of it? This monster is out there but locked?

The reaper seemed to be out, and the dark things outside..

Is jeanie your imagination, what this is torture, he thought? 

He is trapped, I must get out but how, unreal as this seems. The voice mud ered you must give me your souls, ️Sa, realized that the souls were him or his freinds..

But how do I get out of this, perhaps going to solve this mystery, suddenly more skulls and dreams and hideous things.

Behind the door was the same one, he saw as a kid, I lived but I see, this awful monster, aside the key, he cringed more, what is the k I ask the dream became foggy, and more unclear, a sudden eary of maddening illusions and more terrifying stuff.

I can't imagine he thought his mind trappped he was some where out in his room but, there was still some kind mysterious weird being outhere. Must I find the clues..

Sam was stil trapped though, it seemed his Nightmare was escaping him.

Jeanie thought he went mad, but she was again besides im, wake jeanie saw him, I don't know he replied, suddenly, he went mad on jeanie...

She was friegtened, but not over whelmed..



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