Life at High

This is a lot of things. Hi this my first book of the Life at High school series (maybe)


1. Introducing

Hello my name is John Hantro and this is my Life at High.

*Beep Beep* Get up John you’re going to be late. I get my stuff and head to the bus . “Good morning John” said my bus driver “yep” I said depressingly “ hey John you’re mum gay lol” said Antonio “Oh choke on a big black cock you fuck head” I said and went up the back.

At school

“Hey John” said my friends “Hey guys” I said back. In third period the bully Antonio came up to me and said “sup fag” “suck a dick” I said “that’s what you’re mum did to me last night cock brain” said Antonio I stood up picked up my chair and through it at his head.

At the office

“John you’re suspended for a week and have to pay Antonio’s parents $300 for hospital bills” said the principal “ no go fuck you’re self like I fucked you’re wife in the face yesterday” I said.

That’s the end for this chapter


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