To Change A Lightbulb

This story is about a boy named Atlas. A celestial being who was born out of the sky to take care of the stars all by himself. Alone but never lonely, he wanders the earth and eventually gets to know what lonelines, happiness, anger, among other feelings, feels like.


1. Prologue

You'd be surprised and maybe you wont even believe me when I tell you this; but the sky hasn't always looked the way it does today. It was messy, without constellations, without order. Some places it would shine so bright it was blinding, other places it was dull and dark.

But then a little starry-eyed boy came along the way, working hard and made everything as we know it. He created order to the sky, used his gift to better the sky. Not for anyone in particular. But some people might've believed he did it for them. But this boy .. was extrodinary and powerful. And he became very kindhearted with all his experience.

If you listen closely to the story of Atlas and be kind, good things will come your way.

Never turn down a chance for the wonderous things. You dont regret meeting him. I treasure all my memories with him.

If you look into the sky at night one day and find yourself see a new star .. then it's his doing. Whenever you see this new star, hope he is doing well. Because he deserves the kindness that comes his way, even if he thinks different.

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