The Black Sisters

Life was perfect... for now


1. Sisters

A/N: This is my second movella, and I hope it’ll be successful. I feel like there isn’t enough about the blacks. Only Sirius and regulus have a back story, to be honest. We don’t know about the black sisters, we need something about them! There will be no POVs on this. Please like, and read my other movella. <3 Luna



‘CISSY!? NARCISSA?!!’ Bellatrix (Aka Bella) stormed into the room, with a letter in her hand. Bella was the youngest of the three, narsicca being the oldest. Andromeda was (Obviously) the middle one. Bellatrix had her Hogwarts letter in her right hand, andromeda and narscissa’s in her left. ‘IM GOING TO HOGWARTS!’ She screeched, giving Narcissa her letter. Andromeda was sitting at the table, too, eating breakfast. ‘Well done Bella!’ She congratulated, but Bella just ignored her. Bella’s favourite sister was clearly cissy and she wasn’t afraid to show it. Bella had just turned 11 years old, andromeda (Annie) was 14, going into her fourth year and Narcissa was in 5th year. They lived in a mansion with their parents. Life was perfect... for now

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