The Black Sisters

Life was perfect... for now


2. Please Be Slytherin...


Please be slytherin...

‘Goodbye Narcissa, good luck with your ordinary Wizarding level examinations! Bye andromeda, good luck with getting on the quidditch team and goodbye bellatrix, good luck with getting into slytherin.’ Their father said. They were all getting ready to get onto the Hogwarts express. The clocked ticked to 11 and the three jumped onto the train, shouting out their final goodbyes. Narcissa sat in a carriage with andromeda, they were good friends as there was only a year apart, Lucius her boyfriend and Ted Tonks, that hufflepuff guy that no one liked and for some reason was in their carriage. Of course, being annoying like Bellatrix is, she got into the carriage too. ‘Leave us alone, Bella’ narsicca said, trying to get her away. ‘NO! That’s not fair! You let Annie in here and a hufflepuff in But you don’t let me in! That’s favouritism! I’m telling mom and dad!’ She stormed of, nose in the air, realising that her parents weren’t there, quickly running back into the carriage, crying into narsicca’s lap. ‘What if I never see them again?! I miss them!!!! I wanna go home!!!’ She was so embarrassing. This was lucius’ first time meeting her, and it wasn’t going well ‘Bella, we’re going home for Christmas, leave us alone or mother and father won’t want you home!’ With that, Bella quickly left the carriage. ‘I’m sorry about her...’ Narcissa muttered, embarrassed. Ted read OMG TED READ LOL the whole way to Hogwarts, Annie stayed more quiet than usual, while Narcissa and lusius snogged and talked the whole way.

^in hogwarts^

Annie and Narcissa sat at the slytherin table, waiting for the sorting to begin. Their young cousin was also starting. Sirius Black. Bella and Sirius were both, obviously, going to be slytherins. They were blacks, no Black was ever not a slytherin. The headmaster said a few words, then the vice headmistress stood up to call out the names for the sorting. ‘Black, bellatrix’ she called as nervous little bellatrix jumped up to the chair, the hat being placed upon her head. ‘Please be slytherin...’ she whispered. Her wish was granted and she skipped to the slytherin table, squishing in between Lucius and Narcissa. ‘Bella!’ Narsicca muttered, but then quietened. The professor just called ‘Black, Sirius’ Sirius slowly walked up, looking scared. A boy with round glasses and jet black hair was jumping up and down to see. The hat was sat upon his head when the hat shouted ‘GRYFINDOR’ Bella stood on the table ‘SORRY HAT DID YOU JUST SAY GRYFINDOR?’ Narcissa pulled her down, as poor Sirius Black walked over to the gryfindor table, a tear in his eye.

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