The dark number,,

a mysterious evik, note written years ago, lurks the new case of an eary mytery about missing monster and missing persons who is yet to be solved, untill the detectives find out the true horror of the mystery was number 6" played by a ghost,, trying play mind games and keep the mystery alive ,,, can the detectives solve it?


Author's note

Mysetry suspense every take of a good detective estorie

2. The outside

I see a home Stacey never had, she seemed to have no friends or family, it made harder to know much about the case even more detective James, coudnt see if this was just a prank it sure seemed like one.

But it was unfamiliar,y eary and seemed to have missing notes daily and somehow left behind, some kind of experienced detective eknow that this story didn't add up the number weren't always six and Starngely the matched or added up to six somehow...

I want more James decided to retire right before this case..

I want to solve Stacey I want see if she had a, freind family or more, and want to know her past, perhaps it can be solved,, suddenly hope arrived in the town of detectives.nand city of hope fielder Iowa... The. true and magnify glass of the letters in the note never mentioned Stacey, but, however she was somebody and the weird part of it was the, big gap between a mystery about a, girl and her missing notes.

james didn't want nothing do with this case until, the next day when until suddenly a person out blue was just in the same ares, and vanished it seemed that they forgotten the name. Of her, Starngely the same person seemed to vanish.

I can't belive , that James recalled some kind of wierd, thing who's behind that, something has to be somewhere, or something, yes sir" i saw the house and number he said" evidently the person was suffering amnesia, and forgotten her own daughter..

As strange as that was the detectives visited her on. Thirty six dren drive, I can't wonder or know if these cases are related said" detective James but we will go to her house for a visits.

The awry day seemed to play a simple lie, of the story of this woman's daughter, seemed unreal of just a case of amnesia, how did she dissaperaed? James and the detectives payed a vivsit to the woman.. Knock knock what's your name Mis' Mes Walters, but her first name seemed to be just unknown, I find that ️odd, James said'

You don't have a first name, oh I do she said but it's, mrs Walters, are you married said James. Why yes, but is this about your daughter,,

Im not really aware of her, what do you mean asked James. I never had a daughter.

Wel that's hard to believe, James suddenly started asking questions..

And the whole story started to sound missing and ️odd, itself, who is the Walters, I had enough James streted to head out'

The day see,ms like enough but finding the unknown girl and comparing them to Stacey own disapearnce doesn't seem related..

The detectives started to realize that the Walters perhaps weren't the parents, after all mistaken by the letters written about her..


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