The dark number,,

a mysterious evik, note written years ago, lurks the new case of an eary mytery about missing monster and missing persons who is yet to be solved, untill the detectives find out the true horror of the mystery was number 6" played by a ghost,, trying play mind games and keep the mystery alive ,,, can the detectives solve it?


Author's note

Mysetry suspense every take of a good detective estorie

1. The detectives call

i almost was one real, yet on break, a sudden call Found on a detectives desk, I love my work recalled James, I help people and give them, help but, one case still startled me, this one was years ago, when I retired.

The younger detectives seem to see one letter that just shocked a terrible mystery this one was not be solved as easily?

Stacey guyo was missing somewhat irty years ago, and her dissapierance was without a trace, mysteruios as case.

I do remeber James recalled that the exact time I knew about it year, seem to pass, and the only case that just coudnt get help?

Imm surprised about the letter, whta letter James recalls that this letter was found by, his 

Other friends, I can't see, this note in red and just eary, but relockened. It was just another cow insistence the door agreed semed to match the exact postal one six, as strage as I thought recalled James..

The news was about and only about, Stacey, she was just another girl on a missing case. I don't know where or who would write just six on. A paper without Stacey being written.

What, just got detective James even more startled is the fact that he knew, Stacey was missing behind the letter. The notes still seem possibly connected.


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