poems of my own

these are my own poems. some fnaf, some not. hope you like them!


5. Warrior (hero and villians Super bowl toon sandwich)

Arise, the battle is about to begin. Now don't try to do some sin. Refuse to fight, then you agree to die. everything here is a little lie. Arise, warrior you are my secrets carrier Don't tell any of my secrets, warrior. Arise, the battle is about to start the last battle ended in a cart. Villains' are here, heroes step aside the same rules are to be abide Arise warrior you are my lies keeper tell anyone and i shall send forth the reaper. how was that,Dead and Quinn? tomorrows battle is about to begin. get some rest, i'll electrocute you i guess a little bolt wil just do. Arise, Warrior you are being used by a gold foreinger Jean's the name, Get everyone ready, Warrior. What's this? a rebellion by the Rebellio? who told my secrets to that fellion? All of you know? Dead and Quinn don't remember! i brought you all here just last December! Begone, Spider Warrior! You too, Laserblade carrier! Blade, web, boomerang, whips and bullets shall never harm me!
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