poems of my own

these are my own poems. some fnaf, some not. hope you like them!


2. starry night.

Cool breeze, bright light

heavy wind, no string to weave

on this very hot summers eve

Starry night


oh life couldn't be better


my life could end

in a tragic bend

broken heart, way to go

but thy shalt tighten the bow

Starry night

day light

oh my heart shall be broken in two


life takes it's course hard

but our souls shall not to be bombard

hearts in half, but our souls are whole

nothing is to be as pure as a soul

Starry Night


oh thy shalt be of more pleasure


Gods of all kind

are for you to find

lonely mortal, abandoned world

only thy demon can have holy hurled

Starry night


oh, thy shalt never be left alone!


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