poems of my own

these are my own poems. some fnaf, some not. hope you like them!


3. Silver Eyes ( FNAF Golden Freddy poem)

 when i thought i was lost

the light above found me.

i emerged from the dark to the light i lost.

but i still payed an unexpected fee.

Burning bright 

that silver light

the last i saw were those Silver eyes.


i woke to the sound of screaming

with children with tears breaming

i had seen the light but hid in the dark

for the horrors i had seen were caused by a lark

burning bright

that silver light

the first i saw were those silver eyes.


when i saw what he did

oh, i don't know why i didn't stay hid

he made me mad about those kids

i'll hunt him till he does my bids

Burning bright

that silver light

alas! i found who holds those Silver Eyes


it found a way to bring them back

to bring them back from the deep dark black

1,2,3,4,6 shall haunt and scare

this place has a dark burden to bare.

burning bright

that silver light

puppet and fox shall hold those silver eyes.

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