A Halloween Apocalypse

a eary dream of a talented, writer fav movie comes to life causing the very nightmare of the dream,
Suddenly a eary talent becomes the old fav movies in a nightmare, that was just as similar as its original nightmares


Author's note

Last of the Hor stories, a terfic scarry

2. The new man behind the mask, the nightmare begins...

the sudden new nightmare was based on a story of some door locked trapped people saw a monster of some kind of deep and scary so, scary they forgotten the dreams of the face, and somekind missing, but all had aprevlent similar, scary. Same dream, it was just mind boggling the monster was perhaps?

The nigtmare itself, a monster called nightmare, how could that be, suddenly the, creation started to wonder that this monster was somewhere, a monster blank perhaps his face needed to be drawn.

Some asked? What was the new monster and how was he, in the story was he during a halloween dream.

Halloween now, has come, but it semed a open door this reall mystrey made a new book?

Carl found that his story the nightmare inbetween, started to only come on halloween.

Mysterious invisble powers would suddenly be able to do stuff, and a lot of horrid things.

The face was always on the other side..

Somehow the end of a fave movie never found the ️️true movie..

Every horror fan teen wanted to read the nightmare story by a haunted, some whta invisible nightmare, yet the ️️true dream was yet to be as horrific as the Nightamre.

Suddenly the story was so real, it was yet dared to be open.

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