A Halloween Apocalypse

a eary dream of a talented, writer fav movie comes to life causing the very nightmare of the dream,
Suddenly a eary talent becomes the old fav movies in a nightmare, that was just as similar as its original nightmares


Author's note

Last of the Hor stories, a terfic scarry

6. the new horror

the door was shut, perhaps the dream you had, on halloween, the movie was a book, i know try to remember he said, your my best friend Tim please pick the rite door, I know he replied, it's daring but it's the only way to survive this nightmare?

The book, it's got the same story written in it, 

Suddenly the two guys that were partying realized that the night,are they were having was about the door and the house that somehow had halloween all over it, what" was the cause of it.

As mysterious as is, the party was sleeping over every Haloween. Who are you people do I know you, every one started to get pissed and, upset, they thought, it was somekind of prank.

Where kevin, I don't know? Then the door opened to his rescue, fave that horrid face..

Everyday alltime, it seemed kevin was alive but his worst fear was seeing how he survived..

Trully a mystery the monster, saw kevin worst fear, I know you Kevin, as creepy as Kevin realized he might be one of them now..

The halloween party was past midnight and the boook was stil Behind the door, what was

The link behind, a fearfull monster face, and the movies.moerhaps this is no halloween movie it's real , reallly real..

The party was asleep, it was we'll pass midnight 

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