A Halloween Apocalypse

a eary dream of a talented, writer fav movie comes to life causing the very nightmare of the dream,
Suddenly a eary talent becomes the old fav movies in a nightmare, that was just as similar as its original nightmares


Author's note

Last of the Hor stories, a terfic scarry

5. The new horror on Halloween,, a monster unseen

sudden eary racket , whose there she said, I see nothing but you, who are you? Unreal as that is, I see my face in the mirror, I'm the image of the night time..replied the mirror 

Am I dreaming thought, the girl, this seems as a mirror but I never notices it what's your name Lenna suddenly, this is your nightmare on Halloween she said.

Everyday, the mirror suddenly became a terrifying face so gruesome it scared her to death, now that's some face, the day was out there, and the mirror was waiting for the next sleep walker,, 

He, Steped again kevin, your always walking, relplied Kenna, I thouht you were, outside but it's seems your looking alittle pail, and kevin then saw horrid face inside the mirror..

Next the face was the nightmare of this story that is the mosnster halloween perhaps had the same monster.

Haloween kevin finnaly recalls that he, had to go to the basement, for some, other things.

Yes, but I thout you were you, the shooken Kevin finnaly satrted to realize that something was deader then real, this monster was, horrid looking its face was just so scary to freighter ande give hartatttacks.

Please look, is can't Kevin suddenly became il, with his face, the scariest thing, what did happen was kevin got pale, was he dead maybe? 

Elena was waiting to come to her, next stop when she remebered the bathroom, was where her mirror was, I can't think, she was so prety, that she had to look in herself..

Oh Elena, called the mirror, suddenly I acnt recue to but Elena went back to bed instead.

That ️odd, the mirror seemed to have a story about the written book inbetween the nightmare, but who left that ?

A tantalizing, mystery of the basement, it was locked and the guy who, tryed to i open it found that another face of a monster was so pailly horrid, what is that? Suddenly the mirror was so horrid looking, 



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