A Halloween Apocalypse

a eary dream of a talented, writer fav movie comes to life causing the very nightmare of the dream,
Suddenly a eary talent becomes the old fav movies in a nightmare, that was just as similar as its original nightmares


Author's note

Last of the Hor stories, a terfic scarry

1. hallween

ever have a scary movie that you just love to see, or perhaps, a fan of, well as it turns out this story is just one of them.

The new nightmare isn't one at all, but many somewhat, freight. The sudden story

A quite night a halloween eve. A day after the next but, a scary frieze ing scenario, the thirteen the nightmares of a new monster. Perhaps the movies were just insane, but real somehow.

It began as any story of Somesort, the ️️true monster was more in the fiery of a deep halloween day, everyday, every Somesort of monster.

Terrifying as any horr movei the halloween monster was array of amny sacry ones.

As portrayed as one very frittering one though, it so happens creating a scray movie isn't as easy as it seems.

But for one fella, his nightmare was just about to make him a new horror classic.

One night on a halloween, a deep sleep and a scray monster so happen to be in his dream somehow this wasn't the same dream, it had suddenly become a. Dream of one monster, a face would, just not begin to tell the horror.

What made this halloween night different was it was pitch unclear and beyond a door of black and unknow stuff.

The new classic of one story inspired this horror movie to be just, a halloween of many perhaps an everyday nightmare, yet this is not a nightmare, it has some kind of new nightmare. Unclear about the story, suddenly made this horror story guessing a lot about 


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