A Halloween Apocalypse

a eary dream of a talented, writer fav movie comes to life causing the very nightmare of the dream,
Suddenly a eary talent becomes the old fav movies in a nightmare, that was just as similar as its original nightmares


Author's note

Last of the Hor stories, a terfic scarry

4. Always a nightmare...

The number thirteen they decided to party on this Halloween and somehow find the real monster but in the mirror as the book described, as silly as they saw their fav author they knew, that this moster was coudnt be as scry as they say, that it could? The first sight in the mirror, perhaps it was all a dream untill every Nightamre was just experienced by each that night.

The first of the five freinds discovered a book in the attic thier halloween party became the graet and last time, they feared nothing inside or out and thier, mirror, seemed that this was just another scary but not real.

They coudnt sleep on that, strangely enough they heard about the old Nightmare from thier fave movie. But this mmster was even scarier then that so sacry it coudnt be seen for it is horrid of face, that it ails them .

The night see,Ed like another, untill halloween was getting to an end and the party was, not but just beginning, a sudden book writer saw his end near,,

The stry he had were so great he wasn't oeoud enough, the nightmare inbewteen was just not as scry as he hoped. 

The book somehow was not just any other horror story...

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