a rabbit-hearted girl

"If you would have told me,
That two months ago
I would be running away from the cops
Cause I was accused of murdering
pets by ripping their hearts out
I would have paid no attention and
run far away from you
Because I would think to myself
that you are nuts and need some help
But now, I'm not so sure
They actually think that I am a murderer
Me of all people!
They even had the audacity to
say that me being nice and kind
was some type of a cover up"

If only they knew the truth

"Oh, they have another thing coming for them
This rabbit-hearted girl won't be' nice and kind ' for long."

Cover by : [ @Feelingthesparks : Wattpad]
Playlist by: [ ]
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7. 7

If I ever had one regret in my life, 


it be would the fact that


instead of facing my pale-faced


‘Friend’ and telling her that I needed help






I ran away from her but 








I didn’t know why 


Maybe I was afraid of what she 


might have done next  


I didn’t even stop to


hear her now muffled cries







I didn’t stop until 


I couldn’t hear her shout my name










Once I stopped 


I realized that I just 


got myself more lost

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