a rabbit-hearted girl

"If you would have told me,
That two months ago
I would be running away from the cops
Cause I was accused of murdering
pets by ripping their hearts out
I would have paid no attention and
run far away from you
Because I would think to myself
that you are nuts and need some help
But now, I'm not so sure
They actually think that I am a murderer
Me of all people!
They even had the audacity to
say that me being nice and kind
was some type of a cover up"

If only they knew the truth

"Oh, they have another thing coming for them
This rabbit-hearted girl won't be' nice and kind ' for long."

Cover by : [ @Feelingthesparks : Wattpad]
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5. 5

When I woke up


I was not in 


the comfort of my


welcoming cotton white sheets


of my bed in my house


That was in the


middle of the forest


That always had the


strong scent 




oak wood with


a bit of wildflowers





Instead, I woke up


in the forest 


with bruises on my arms


my legs 


and my body was very sore


My head was throbbing


And it felt like I 


was about to vomit





How did I end up here?

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