a rabbit-hearted girl

"If you would have told me,
That two months ago
I would be running away from the cops
Cause I was accused of murdering
pets by ripping their hearts out
I would have paid no attention and
run far away from you
Because I would think to myself
that you are nuts and need some help
But now, I'm not so sure
They actually think that I am a murderer
Me of all people!
They even had the audacity to
say that me being nice and kind
was some type of a cover up"

If only they knew the truth

"Oh, they have another thing coming for them
This rabbit-hearted girl won't be' nice and kind ' for long."

Cover by : [ @Feelingthesparks : Wattpad]
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2. 2

I went in town


that connects to the forest


where I live






and met with Iiris


who does not live around there






She talked about her


pet rabbit 'Sunny'


and how she was planning


a birthday for


her four year old rabbit


next month






But for some reason


I wasn't invited



"You're not fun


enough to go the


party. You understand,




She said with the


most heart-warming smile


but her eyes told me otherwise







But I did not understand


It was a party for


a stupid rabbit and


yet it hurted me deep


in my core where my heart was






When I wasn't invited by


my so called 'friend' I have


Some friend she was.

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