The Secret Castle 2

It is Harry Potter's second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When he, Ron, and Hermoine, attempt to stop Draco Malfoy, they put their lives in danger.


2. The Secret Castle 2-Part Two


"I have Theory of Magic Year 2 by Professor Binns, Hogwarts A HistoryAncient Spells against the Dark Arts, and so on", Hermoine said. Harry stared at his books which he had bought in Diagon Alley a week before. "Professor Snape wants the Defence job. But Professor Dumbledore won't let him because he is working for Lord Voldemort", Harry said. Ron's face went a deathly pale colour. "Not many wizards can say You-Know-Who's name", Hermoine didn't smile. "I makes everything in perspective", she was about to finish speaking when Draco Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle, strode forward towards the compartments. "It seems Potter that you're still with a Mudblood, and a poor wizard", he smirked. "Be quiet, Malfoy. Besides, your parents serve Who-Know-Who", Ron gazed at him. Malfoy stared at the low-cost wizard's robes. "Lord Voldemort is the greatest wizard of them all. Better than Professor Albus Dumbledore. Besides, my parents are in Knockturn Alley getting my books. They'll be shipped here soon", Malfoy grinned maliciously. He waved at Crabbe and Goyle, as they headed down the thin hallway towards the Slytherin compartment, where Pansy Parkinson was waiting for him with adoration on her cruel face.


A female wizard was carrying a grey tray down the hall. 

"I'll get six cauldron cakes, wizard's tea, and six treacle tarts", Harry said. He gave her twenty sickles. She smiled. As she served Harry, Ron, and Hermloine, they gasped. "You're rich, Harry", Hermoine said. "I have a lot of wizard money when my parents died; the rest of the money is at Gringott's Goblin Bank for safekeeping in a vault. It's all secured by the goblins", he said. "Wow, goblins. Are they as secretive as elves are?", Ron asked him. "I suppose so. Hagrid would've known all kinds of creatures that are in his old cabin", he answered the tall, red haired, wizard. Suddenly Neville Longbottom stared at them. "Oh, I smelled the tea from here. Grandma always serves me wizard's tea when I'm at her house. Hi, Harry, Hermoine, Ron". "Have some cauldron cake, Neville", Harry said. "Can I? Wow!", he said. And he ate the black cake eagerly, as he sat down on the spare seat next to Hermoine, and the four of them waited for the train to stop near the clear blue lake.


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