The story of my life


1. how it all started

Hi my name Is john, this is about my life. I'm 17 an tall I'm 6' 1 I have a nice tan, an curly black hair, most people say I'm a lady's man but I'm not, I have a 6 pack that I have been working on for awhile now. School is starting soon an I'm not ready for it. Me family just moved into a different town an I'm not wanting to start another school an making new friends, my mom tells me that it will be good for me but I doubt it.. I hate making new Friends, I live with rose marry witch is my moms name an my step Steve Marry an my two little sisters are Riley an Abby, they are mean that always fight, I have my own room and my sisters share one. You can always hear them fight about little stuff like who uses the hair brush when the other one is using it, just the little stuff makes them go crazy. I tend to have a fortnight addiction I always play it but I lose an it makes me mad, when that happens I walk it off by walking around the the block, it's a nice place but some parts that I shouldn't walk to I do anyway.

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