Moving Along |A.I.

"You did this to me Ash. You made me who I am today. You made this little human growing inside of me. You went and decided to be with someone else. You basically just gave up your right to tell me what to do with my child. You are not in our lives anymore." The hardest part of my entire life was kicking the love of my life out of my life.


5. 5

I carried Cadence into his room and smiled softly when he woke up and tiredly lifted his arms so I could change him into his favorite spiderman pajamas. 

"Mommy." he whispered, looking at me when I laid him down.

"Yeah baby?" I whispered, sitting down on the edge of his bed after I pulled the blue blanket up and over him.

"When can I meet my daddy?" he whispered, yawning. 

"I don't know baby. He's busy." I said softly. He nodded before hugging his teddy bear to his chest and closing his eyes. I smiled softly and knew that he already fell asleep. "I love you." I whispered, kissing his head before turning on his nightlight and shutting the main light off. I went into the doorway and looked back at him before shutting the door, not all the way but enough to not let a lot of light in. I went to the living room and looked around at all of the toys that were thrown all over the floor. I looked over at the window and saw a car pull up outside the apartment and a bunch of people waiting to see who I'm assuming is Ash. I quickly grabbed as many toys as I could and threw them in the toy box. I was about to clean up more when I heard a knock at the door. I gulped and smoothed out my hoodie before opening the door. His eyes widened a little bit when he saw that I was wearing a hoodie he gave me. My eyes widened as well when I saw that he was wearing a black leather jacket that I had gotten him for his birthday one year.

"I-I just moved into this apartment this morning." he said. I closed my eyes and sighed. No wonder I saw a bunch of people outside earlier... I opened my eyes and cleared my throat before moving to the side, opening the door wider.

"Come on in. I'm sorry about the mess but I didn't really have time to clean up much." I said, shutting the door behind Ashton. He looked around quietly and stared at a jacket that he had given me the night of the prom. I walked past him and picked up more toys.

"You don't have to worry about it. I lived on a tour bus and in a few houses with 3 boys for a long time. I'm used to messes." he said chuckling, sitting down on the couch. I smiled slightly before walking over and sitting down on a chair. "So why did you move from L.A.?" 

"I don't know. I guess there was just too many memories and I wanted a change for Cadence." I said quietly, looking over at him and watched him as he took off his jacket and laid it down beside him. "Why did you move here and not L.A.?"

"I like Malibu. It's close to L.A. but I still have some space." he said and leaned back, crossing his legs. "This might be weird, but I couldn't help but notice that you have a scar on your stomach when you picked Cadence up earlier. What happened?" I looked over and stared at the picture I had on the table of Cadence and I in the hospital. 

"I got in a car accident when I was 29 weeks pregnant. I got the worst part of it, Katy got to walk away from the accident with just a cut on her head. I had to have an emergency C-section, broken arm and I was in a coma for a week." I said quietly. I didn't tell him everything that happened because it really wasn't his business, but I also wasn't ready to tell him yet.

"That's where Mike went... He disappeared for three weeks and all of our fans were worried. He told us that he was visiting family, which I guess was true. Calum left for 2 weeks and said he was going to visit his friends... Why didn't they tell me? I would've been right by your side Ath..." he whispered, looking at me. I looked up at him and saw tears filling his eyes. I shook my head and looked down.

"Mike knew that I didn't want you there. He knew that I was hurt and only wanted him, Calum, and Katy by my side." I whispered. "They stayed right by my side."

"I would've been there too." he said quietly.

"You hurt me Ashton. I was not ready to see you. Yes a little part of me wanted you but Ashton I was hurting." I said, tears filling my eyes.

"Ath I still love you. We messed up. You left and then I left with someone else. I regretted it the minute I did but you wouldn't listen. Mike wouldn't let me go see you and last year I managed to sneak off and go to your house but you had moved. Athena I miss you. I wrote some of these sad songs on our album about us. About you. I'm sorry about earlier. I didn't mean what I said. You're not a bitch and if I was in your shoes I probably would've done the same thing." he said, reaching over and gently grabbing my hand. Tears flowed down our cheeks and he reached up and wiped my tears. I shook my hand and got up.

"I-I'm sorry Ash. Can we talk more some other time? It's late and I-I can't talk about this anymore right now." I said, rubbing my forehead before looking down at him. He was looking up at me like a sad puppy and I had to look away. 

"Okay. Can I have your number so we can plan things?" he sighed, getting up and grabbing his jacket. I nodded quietly and grabbed a pen before taking his hand, ignoring the shocks I felt, and wrote my number down. I looked up at him before letting his hand go. "I'll text you when I get home so you have my number." he said before walking to the door. He turned around and looked at me before smiling sadly. "See ya later Ath." He turned and opened the door before walking out and quietly shutting it behind him. As soon as he shut the door, I dropped to the ground and started sobbing as quietly as I could. I missed him so much. I missed his touch, his eyes, his smile, his hair, everything. I reached over and grabbed my phone, calling Katy. She lives in New York now but I still call her when I need her, when I need to talk. 

"Ath it's 4:00 in the morning. What the hell do you want?" she groaned.

"H-he lives in the same apartment building. He was just in my apartment. He said he still loves me. Katy I don't know what to do." I cried, pulling my knees to my chest.


"Katy not now. P-please. Just tell me what to do." I whimpered. 

"Okay. I guess just slowly give him your trust. Not all at once though. Don't give him the chance to break you again. I don't want to fly out there to kick his ass." she said sighing. "But most importantly, don't let him get near Cadence until you and Cadence are ready."

"I-I won't. B-but he called Ash daddy earlier. Mike had called Ashton daddy so Cadence thought that was his name." I whispered. Katy sighed and I knew that she was probably shaking her head. "Katy I wish you were here." I whispered, wiping my eyes.

"I wish I was as well. But we have to wait until I finish med school for nursing, then I'll find a hospital out there. It'll be soon. I promise." 

"Alright Katy. I love ya." I whispered.

"Love ya too."




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