Moving Along |A.I.

"You did this to me Ash. You made me who I am today. You made this little human growing inside of me. You went and decided to be with someone else. You basically just gave up your right to tell me what to do with my child. You are not in our lives anymore." The hardest part of my entire life was kicking the love of my life out of my life.


4. 4

*6 years ago*

I paced in my room, waiting for Katy to show up. She had called me and sounded pissed, so it worried me tremendously and made me feel sick to my stomach. 

"Athena we need to talk." Katy growled, slamming open my bedroom door before slamming it shut again. I sat down on my bed, and watched her as she paced in front of me. "Your boyfriend, the one who acted like he was such a nice person and flew hours to come to our prom, is a fucking asshole." she yelled, throwing her hands up in the air.

"What do you mean? He is not an asshole!" I got up, glaring at her.

"He IS! HE CHEATED ON YOU ATH!!! HE EVEN MOVED THAT GIRL INTO HIS HOUSE IN LA WHILE HE WAS HERE!!! THERE ARE PICTURES OF THEM KISSING AS HE HELPED HER MOVE IN!!!" she yelled. My eyes widened, and I sat down on the floor quietly. "I'm sorry Ath." she said sighing, sitting down beside me.

"I want to see the picture." I whispered, looking down at my hands. 

"I don't think-"

"SHOW ME THE DAMN PICTURE!" I yelled, looking at her. She quickly nodded and grabbed her phone, pulling up the picture. I took the phone and swiped through all of the pictures that were taken of them. He looked at her differently. He kissed her differently, and he smiled differently. I stopped at the picture of them kissing and just stared at it for the longest time before feeling sick. I gave Katy her phone back before rushing to the trashcan. I sobbed as I released the contents of my stomach into the trashcan.

"I'm sorry." she whispered again as she sat down, rubbing my back and holding back my hair. "I'll help you beat his ass when he gets back tonight." She got up and grabbed a towel with I finished throwing up.

"I want to go to his house. Right now." I whispered, wiping my mouth. "Then I want to go to the store and get a test." I got up and went to my closet, grabbing a jacket that Ashton gave me the night of the prom. I zipped it up before slipping on my shoes and fixing my hair. I grabbed my phone before walking out, Katy following closely behind. We got in Katy's car and she drove to his house as I stared out the window. How could he do this to me? When we pulled up, I saw a car in his driveway but I got out and went to the door anyway, ringing the doorbell. I heard laughing before seeing Ashton open the door, half naked. I looked past him and saw the girl from the picture, half naked on his couch. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. 

"A-ath. What are you doing here?" he stuttered, stepping out onto the porch, trying to shut the door before I could see the girl. 

"I saw her Ashton. I saw you both kissing, and I saw her half naked on your couch. Ashton you lied. You lied about when you were coming home and about how you loved me. Now you have to decide cause I'm done with your lying. That whore or me." I said calmly, looking into his eyes, feeling sick too my stomach again.

"Athena you can't do that!" he yelled, throwing his hands in the air.

"I guess you made your choice." I whispered and turned, starting to head down the stairs when he grabbed my arm.

"Don't you dare put words in my mouth." he growled.

"I'm just making things simple for you." I snapped, shoving him off before going to the car. 

"FINE!! YOU LEAVE!!! I DON'T CARE!! I'LL BE HERE WHEN NO ONE ELSE WANTS YA!!" I looked over and saw some paps hiding in the bushes. I wiped tears before getting in the car and telling Katy to drive away.

*Present Day*

I looked at Ash and saw him standing in the corner of the room, on the phone as he watched us. I looked back down as my stomach twisted in knots. I had a bad feeling about that phone call... 

"Mommy. Can we watch the concert? And go to our special place?" Cadence asked from Calum's lap. I nodded, smiling softly.

"Where is your special place?" Mike asked, pulling me closer to him.

"Off to the side on the floor where there's no body. We have a perfect view and have plenty of room for Cadence to run around or play on the floor with his toys." I said smiling softly as Calum showed Cadence the guitar. Mike smiled before looking back at Ash then back at me. 

"He missed you like crazy. And when I rushed to the hospital when you had to have emergency surgery, he was scared. I'm not saying that you should immediately let him into your life, but I'm just saying that you should at least talk to him by yourself and if he doesn't meet your standards then leave him. He just needs a chance." he whispered in my ear. Tears filled my eyes and I looked back at Ash and we locked eyes. 

"O-okay." I whispered and looked back at Mike, wiping my eyes before getting up and quietly walking over to Ash. He hung up the phone and looked at me. "Y-you can come over to my house after Cadence goes to sleep tonight." I whispered. "We can try and figure things out."

"When will I be able to be with him?" he asked, glancing at Cadence before at me.

"When we figure things out. I don't want to put someone in his life that will be gone if things don't work out." He took a deep breath before sighing. 

"Fine. When will he be asleep?"

"He'll be asleep right after the concert so I guess you could follow me home." I said before walking away and picking Cadence up. "Alright guys. You're concert is soon so we'll leave and let you guys get ready."

"Noooooo!" Cadence whined, and pouted while looking up at me.

"Mommmyyyyyyy!" Calum and Mike whined, before sitting down and clinging to my legs. I shook my head, chuckling.

"Boys leave mommy alone." Ashton said, finally walking over and had a smile on his face for the first time in the years that I haven't seen him. 

"Fine daddy." Mike said, making a face before they both let go of my legs and stood up. I looked at Ash and saw him look at me before quickly looking away. I cleared my throat and gently bounced Cadence on my hip.

"Alright let's go get your toys and make sure everything is ready." I said softly to Cadence. He nodded and waved to Calum, Mike and Ash.

"Bye Uncle Cal! Bye Mikey! Bye daddy!" he yelled as we walked out. I stopped in my tracked and turned around, and saw Ashton looking at me wide eyed. Cadence never heard his real name so he thought daddy was his name. It is to Cadence, but he shouldn't call him that just yet. I shook my head before walking out, towards the locker room where I had his bag of toys. This is moving all too fast for me... too fast.

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