Moving Along |A.I.

"You did this to me Ash. You made me who I am today. You made this little human growing inside of me. You went and decided to be with someone else. You basically just gave up your right to tell me what to do with my child. You are not in our lives anymore." The hardest part of my entire life was kicking the love of my life out of my life.


3. 3

I clocked in and went to the crew locker room, exchanging the hoodie for a black "crew" t-shirt. I put my hair into a ponytail before going out and grabbing the box of cookies and cupcakes that were ordered for the band. I was beyond nervous. The only member I have seen since Cadence was born was Michael. He is the only cousin I am close with in my entire family. I would see him every chance I got, but we're both so busy and I don't like going to family reunions. The last one I went to was when Cadence was a couple months old, and Mike refused to let him go. We've seen Mike once in awhile, but he's always in different states or countries. 

I saw the door was open, so I just quietly walked in, setting the boxes down on the table and opened them. I could hear them laughing as they got closer to the dressing room. I took a deep breath before making sure everything was perfect for them.

"Shut up Mike!" I shivered when I heard Ash's voice. I heard them walk in, and Mike immediately ran to the food. He didn't notice I was there until he looked over and saw my wrist tattoo. It was a heart in the same place as Ashton's, but it had a C in it for Cadence.

"Ath? ATH!" Mike dropped his cookie and tackled me in a hug. "I missed you!" 

"I missed you too fat ass." I chuckled, hugging him back. I couldn't bring myself to look up, but when I heard Ash's voice, I had to.

"Athena..." He whispered. It was barely audible, but I could hear it. I forgot how much Cadence looked like him... "Y-you have black hair now..." he stayed where he was, but I knew that he wanted to touch me, to hold me. To be honest, I wanted him to.

"Y-yeah. I started dying it after I had my baby." I whispered, getting up off the ground.

"Our baby." he whispered, looking down.

"No. No Ash. He's MINE! You gave up your right when you left!" I yelled. "You chose her over us! So no. He's not your baby."

"I left? YOU are the one who took off first. Then when you came back, I was pissed off so yea. I did sleep with that whore. Yes I did choose her, but you left before I could do anything else! You are a bitch for not letting me even know the sec of my baby! I wish I never met you! Get out!!" he screamed so hard and loud that he was shaking. Mike had a hold of my shoulder, but I shoved him off before walking up to Ash as close as I could get, and stared into his eyes.

"The only, ONLY, good thing that came from our relationship is Cadence. He may look exactly like you, but he sure as hell doesn't act like you." I growled, my hands balled into fists. I turned on my heel before storming out. I heard footsteps behind me, but I just went to the locker room anyway. I kicked the locker before sitting down on the floor, my head in my hands.

"I'm sorry Ath." Cal whispered, sitting beside me. We were so close before all of this happened...

"It's not your fault." I whispered, leaning over and putting my head on his shoulder.

"Can I see him?" He whispered. I nodded and pulled my phone out, pulling up a picture of Cadence. His birthday was two days ago, that's why his hair was sprayed blue. He was in the pool with me, and was laughing when the picture was taken. "He does look like Ash... but he has your eyes. He's perfect." He took the phone and flipped through more pictures.

"Athena. I'm sorry but he started throwing a fit and was crying for you." I quickly got up and gently took him from mom's arms.

"Hey baby." I said softly, hugging him close. "Thanks mom." I said quietly as she left, before sitting down beside Calum again. Cadence peaked over my shoulder before looking up at me.

"Who's that?" He whispered, pointing at Cal.

"Uncle Calum." I said softly. He looked back at Cal before slowly touching his tattoo. "It's pretty isn't it?" I said softly. He nodded before letting Calum put him on his lap.

"Can I see Mikey?" he asked, looking at me. I nodded softly before getting up. Cadence scrambled out of Cal's lap before grabbing my hand. "C'mon Uncle Cal!" he yelled excitedly. Cal smiled before getting up and grabbing his other hand. He looked over at me before mouthing "Are you ok?" I nodded before walking towards the dressing room. When I opened the door, I saw Mike and Luke playing video games as Ash played the guitar. "Mikey!!!!" Cadence yelled, running to him. Mike immediately engulfed the little boy.

"Hey buddy!" He said happily, hugging him tightly. Ashton dropped his guitar as he started at Mike and Cadence. He looked at me with wide eyes.

"I-is that him?" he whispered. I just simply nodded before going over to my son and cousin. 

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