Moving Along |A.I.

"You did this to me Ash. You made me who I am today. You made this little human growing inside of me. You went and decided to be with someone else. You basically just gave up your right to tell me what to do with my child. You are not in our lives anymore." The hardest part of my entire life was kicking the love of my life out of my life.


1. 1

*Present Day*

I took a deep breath as I looked in the mirror. I changed so much since that time in my life. I have a scar on my stomach, black hair, nose piercing, a couple tattoos and I have a child. I grabbed my light blue hoodie and pulled it over my head before slipping into my ripped, light blue skinny jeans. I turned and went to the bathroom and grabbed my hairbrush, running it through my black hair as I stared down at the sink. I was not looking forward to today. 

"Mommy! Are we leaving yet?!" Cadence ran into the room and tried to peak over the edge of the counter into the sink.

"Not yet baby. Have you gotten your things packed?" I asked, looking down at him, reaching over and brushing his dirty blonde hair. He nodded and looked up at me, smiling so big that his dimples popped out. He looked so much like Ashton... I smiled and picked him up. "Let's go make sure you got everything." I said chuckling before carrying him into his room. I sat down on his little bed and sat him on my lap before reaching over and opening his little backpack, looking through it. All he had was toys in there. I chuckled and set it down before bending down and whispering in his ear, "You little sneak. You can't just take toys to mammaw's." I started tickling him, causing him to kick and scream and laugh. 

"MOMMY!!!!" He laughed, trying to pry my hands off of his sides. 

"Mommy ain't here! The tickle monster is!" I yelled, laughing as I tickled him more before turning and playfully dropping him on the bed. He was dying of laughter as he looked up at me. I chuckled before leaning over, kissing his head softly. I got up and grabbed another bag, putting clothes and all the other necessities in there. As soon as I finished, I put his backpack on him before taking his hand in one hand and the other bag in my other. I led him out of the apartment, before shutting and locking the door. I took his hand again before going downstairs and walking past a large crowd of people. It reminded me of my life before Cadence. My life with Ashton. I just shook my head before picking him up and putting him in the car. I got in before looking over, seeing security and lights flashing. I wonder who it was... I shook my head before starting the car and started driving towards mom's house. Cadence was going to be staying with her for a whole week. That's going to be hard on me, but she hasn't seen him in a year since she was with my step-dad in Italy. I glanced over and saw a familiar red haired boy and that only reminded me of the dreadful night to come.

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