Muggle Life

Petal Evans is the sister of Lily Evans and Petunia Evans.Petal has always dreamt of going to Hogwarts but has to deal with the truth that she is a muggle.


2. Lies,She didn't believe me

Lily kept teasing me the next day.She made me cry.Severus teased me as well. Did they see my letter?Lily and Severus chanted "Muggle,Muggle"about a thousand times."Oh stop it will you?"I shouted.

"Ah,just getting used to the..."she paused for a second"muggle life?"Lily laughed.I could see the look of sorry on Severus's face.

"Fine!"I shouted.For a split second I could see Lily crying and then she shot a fire bolt at me.I don't know how I did it but the fire bolt stopped as I put my hand out.I lowered my hand and the fire bolt followed.It soon extinguished.Lily stared at me.I ran inside.How did that happen?

A few hours later,I received a package.It read:


I called Lily over.

She took the package from me and muttered"Petal Evans?She's a muggle."

Lily took the letter out of the package and read:

Dear Lily,

This is such a misunderstanding.Your sister Petal is going to Hogwarts as well. I hope that you didn't think you were the only witch.Petal knows so much about magic.It is like she is my child.Please tell your mother that Petal will be attending Hogwarts as well.

"No no no!Mother won't allow YOU to go to my precious school!!"Lily screamed.

Mother came upstairs."Any news dears?"She asked.

"There's been a misunderstanding!I'm going to Hogwarts!"I told mother just as Lily said "no ,no, nothing at all".

Mother gave me a hug"oh darling,I know that you want to go to Homwats-"

"Hogwarts!"I corrected.

Mother carried on"but your like me.You fit in here.You are a what is it called?M..Mugel.You are a Mugel."

"Muggle!"I corrected.

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