Bride Of Darkness

Harvey was a normal person............until he lost his dear wife Hannah in a tragic death. To make things even worse for poor Harvey, a corrupted police sergeant, named Thomsen, is framing him for a crime that Harvey didn't even do! But then, Harvey meets up with a young girl by the name of Anna. However, Thomsen is determined to finish off Harvey and Anna once and for all! Will Harvey and Anna be able to fight back Sergeant Thomsen? Or will Thomsen have the upper and on Harvey and Anna?


1. Pilot

I am Harvey Isaiah Peterson. Years ago, when I was a much younger man, I lived a happy and wealthy life with my rich family. However, my life was soon to be jaded. You see, I lived in England in the year 1940 during the second great war. At the time, much of Europe had been put into ruins. Many live of the people were ruined. Both the rich and the poor. As for me. I tried to keep a positive outlook on life. Believing that one day the war would end and that things would turn for the better in due time.


I at the time found a love interest. Her name was Hannah Baker. A lovely red-headed girl with blue eyes. For me, I was a slender thing at the time. I had long brown hair and blue eyes. I also always wore a black tuxedo and vest, a white dress shirt, and a red bow-tie.


Going back to my love interest, I loved her dearly to my heart's pleasure and she loved me just the same. Eventually, Hannah and I got married and lived a joys marriage. I even thought of what it would be like to have a child of our own. I guess being at the age of 27, already had plans for a family. one day however, that all changed.


Hannah and I were at her father's tavern and she was serving drinks at this point. "Would  you like something to drink Harvey?", Hannah asked me in her soft and soothing tone. "Why serenity!", I exclaimed. "I would like a mug of rum please." "Coming right up!", Hannah said as she danced to the back of the tavern. Suddenly however, while Hannah was in the back, the warning sirens went off! a Germen bomber was passing over my town that I grew up in! It dropped a large bomb right near the tavern! A large and fiery explosion came about as the guests and I took cover! After the bomber passed away, I got up to ask if everyone was alright. Everyone groaned in reply. Even Hannah's father was alright other than some mirror cuts. Suddenly, I remembered that Hannah had went to the back to get some rum! I quickly rushed back there and looked though the now blown down door What I saw made me sob to my knees in heartbreak. There, laying on the beaten floor was my now dead Hannah! Hannah's face had the look of seeing something horrifying, as if she knew that the bomb was going to hit her. Hannah's eyes looked at me as if she were saying "help me" to me. I looked strait back into her eyes. I fell to the ground and sobbed.


At Hannah's funeral, my soul was ever so broken and marred. Little did I know that this would change my outlook on and my whole personality as well. I remember one peculiar night, I completely lost my mind. But not in the way of how people may think so. I was in my bedroom when my mother knocked on the door of my room. What she saw next...........made her want to scream in horror! my mother looked at me and saw that my fair-toned skin was now pale white! my long brown hair was now raven black and my blue eyes were now dark purple! "What in bloody name has happened to you Harvey?!", my mother screamed out in horror! "Mother", I said surprisingly calm. "My soul has now shown the true pain of my loss of Hannah though this "change" of mine. But never fear. For I will not harm anyone." My mother then just fainted and fell to the floor.


In due time, I grew to seek adventure and action. I then became a foot soldier for the British army. That is were I learned how to fight with swords, guns, and most important to fists! Because the other soldiers made fun of me for what I looked like. So I had to knock some sense into them. Eventually, I went into different battles. Though the time span of 1940 though 1944, I fought long and hard! Until one day, I stepped on a landmine, blowing my right leg off! It hurt like the bloody devil himself! I was then taken and transported home with a wooden leg they gave me.


However, I was broke from all the money aspects that I used for the war effort. And to make things worse, my family didn't want me to go back and live with them anymore because of them believing that I had changed not just in appearance, but in personality too. I guess my personality had changed. instead of being my positive and happy self, I was now a dark, brooding, unhappy, and aggressive type of man now. Life just seemed so hopeless now.


I walked the streets of my own town trying to look for a place to find food and shelter. But I always reminded myself not to steal or do any other crime, even if it meant my life. And I followed my rule. Until I was arrested for breaking into a house and stealing some money that I didn't even steal! I was framed for a crime I didn't even committed! Soon, I was taken to jail and interrogated. when that didn't go well, the officers beat me up! I bleed out of my mouth , noise, and the cuts the officers gave me. I was then thrown into a jail cell..............and this is were my other story begins............


To Be Continued..............                         



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