The Shadows of the Dark

Rachel Tide is a Mississippi teenager who lives at Forbes Mansion with her family. When she sees the ghost of a girl who died five decades before, her whole world shatters before her as she attempts to get rid of the unwanted spirit.


2. Rachel Tide-Part Two


Mike saw Bert was unpacking. "Dad, this is Mike. He's going to help us", Rachel said. Bert nodded. "Are you the neighbour's son?", he asked. "Yes, my parents work for the Mississippi Hospital's trauma section", he answered him. "Trauma", Rachel enquired. "Yes, accidents....sudden deaths...etc", Mike said. Thelma, who was holding a lamp in her small hands, almost dropped it. "Here, let me get that", Mike smiled. "Thank you. It is heavy". Several hours' later, Rachel dragged her luggage underneath her new bedroom. "This is the room Jessica died in", Mike told her. The room was cold. There wasn't any curtains on racks; there was just a single bed. Ropes were surrounding it; the ropes were stretching tightly around the edges of it. "The nurses used to restrain Jessica if she screamed. She was insane", Mike said. "And she died in here?", Rachel asked. "Yes, it was sudden. Her heart gave up. And she haunts the house after Midnight", Mike explained. Rachel shivered. "It's five o'clock in the afternoon. We have seven hours before we can stop her". Bert said: "Nice room, thought it's a bit sparse". "A girl died in here Dad", Rachel told her father. "Died, Mister Front, the Real Estate Agent, never told us that". "It was kept secret, Bert", Mike stated. Thelma stared at the fourteen year old boy. "Jessica Forbes was her name. She was schizophrenic. Well, that was the story her parents told the doctors. She ranted and raved until they used the ropes on her arms, and feet on the bed itself; she was heavily sedated with drugs. Of course, such practices were the norm in the nineteen fifties, and nineteen sixties", Mike said. "And this is 2018, not 1968", Bert stated. "Mom, can I change rooms?", Rachel asked her. "Yes, of course", Thelma shuddered, as dark clouds hovered above the house, and it started to rain heavily. By six o'clock they ate dinner in the Dining Room. Before they could do anything, the lights went out. 


Suddenly cold hands rushed through the air. And the ghost of Jessica formed in front of them all. "Leave now!", the ghost shouted. The door banged shut, and let her alone in her bedroom-with the eerie looking ropes still strapped to the bed.

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