The Shadows of the Dark

Rachel Tide is a Mississippi teenager who lives at Forbes Mansion with her family. When she sees the ghost of a girl who died five decades before, her whole world shatters before her as she attempts to get rid of the unwanted spirit.


1. Rachel Tide-Part One

Mississippi, 1968


The girl was crying.

She stared out of the window. The middle-aged woman stared at her coldly. "Jessica, don't make me upset". The fifteen year old girl had tears falling down her face; the darkness swept over her blue eyes. "Don't leave me, mother! Mother! MOTHER!", she yelled. The woman ignored her. She closed the door with her left hand, and left her alone until she died from pneumonia during the freezing night.


Mississippi, June 2, 2018

Present Day

Rachel Tide watched her parents were pointing to the ancient looking house. "Forbes Mansion", Bert Tide, her father, said in awe. Thelma Tide, her mother, stared at the cold glass windows. "It's absolutely chilling", she announced; she gripped her brown fur coat in her hands; she was lost for words as Bert drove up the gravel path towards the front door. Rachel stared at the windows. As she stared at statues that were forming a guard, she saw the figure of Jessica watching her. Rachel screamed. "I saw a ghost", she said. Bert stared at her teenage daughter like she was mad. "There's no one there, Rachel", he told her. She saw black whiffs of smoke, then the figure disappeared into the ether.


Mike Davis watched Rachel. He walked towards the house. "Hello, I'm Mike, the neighbour. Are you alright?", he asked her. "I saw a ghost in the house, and my parents don't believe me. I'm Rachel", she answered. "There was a girl named Jessica. Her mother kept her in her bedroom in the nineteen sixties. She died in her room. The story goes that her spirit haunts the house". Rachel shuddered. "What can we do about her?". Mike didn't smile. "You have to leave with your mother and father", he said ominously. And Rachel gazed at him, and wondered what she was going to do.

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