Perfectly witty perfectly evil, what was behind one mansion and the many nightmares it brought was there sometime of evil or just another Friday night in. A place in a great big mansion of mystery and doors to choose from.


Author's note

One kind Friday evil books

5. The rest of the story, missing key

THe doors suddenly locked even as people and the five left had dreams, and again thier own dream was suddenly becoming thier fate, they wanted to see the diamonds and money that the two seem to have and fred and Velma seemed to be somewhere, inside door one and six, suddenly many more numbers between eight and hundred were still locked, yet the number six seem to be open always,

No one evr went in number six and the mystery of the rest confused the five visitors.

Their visit was more and more dream filled hoever the nightmare was chilling, the many night of the locked oors seemed, to portray a number of someone's perfect birthday.

They thought they could escape was this lucky numbers thier ️️true calling.

Somehow the mstery was still off, the number were always even, but for how long, and why was number six so special, for that reason many got Togher to find what was I this mansion what was it called? And what was behind the dooors why so many?

And thier journey started by going all over the entrance seemed to be locked or perhaps locked for some one truth.

Fred was missing still, Velma was, somewhere in the deep door shadows why was, the door never locked past midnight? 

This became more scarier and perhaps more terrifying when one of the five got the nightmare in the room, past night Jen saw a hidden key and one monster so hideous and scary he was somekind, but what and were was the key he hid,

Jen saw one dream but we're, was the dream and wish, she could Hardey can tain Her wish greed possibly came over her nightmare that, she decided to go with number six.

Thinking this, but what was behind door six. One night the door she crept and opened she went in, it shut! Suddenly a wish became more fulfilled she had the diamond biggger then. Her freind, but why wasn't she kept in , it was an odd number six, she thought this perhaps gave her the worst night,are ever.

Escaping the door, wasn't known but six seemed perfect, untill the dreams became a sudden wreck of mysterious evil, her memory's became laps and her own desire fufiled her guilty pleasure. 

Her day became a monster, her night seemed to turn into one,mothe four left now had to wonder, what was rally going on,ms hound more doors be opened?

The four stood late past midnight and the ones that survived the doors wonderd why they still got out with thier wish? It began to bother them as they had thought this was their only wish? 

Suddenly the rest of the doors from one to hundred were always open at night.


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