Perfectly witty perfectly evil, what was behind one mansion and the many nightmares it brought was there sometime of evil or just another Friday night in. A place in a great big mansion of mystery and doors to choose from.


Author's note

One kind Friday evil books

3. the number of. A nightmare doors walking...

many besides fred and the rest stayed asleep but some, would sleep walk, suddenly he found that the key he wanted open he, choose door one because in his Drem it just seemed like the best door, to choose.

Suddenly fred twisted it open and then oor came to a wonderful graet desire of, Fred's passion, howevr was one even enough it semed to be?

The monster inside the door, thought different, somehow the Dow wasn't the right answer, inside was horrors not know or to be wreckened with.

The very glimpse of some kind of hellish nightmare becoming real, yet what was the wish of his pleasure?

Who Eallylob knew the next morning many people never saw him again. Starngely the same night the lady next the same door opened it up and seem to be just fine?

The number two, how was the wish she walked upon, and the diamond people saw her with.

It was good platinum and big so big it had to be many karats.

Besides the ring seemed a starnge but great satisfaction.

Seven other people womdered if the doors and something to do with that?

Now a mystery set upon this doors were covered but somehow locked again and numbers seemed rusted behind one of the mats, Starngely enough the numbers had some kind of luck and some were just horrible news for the wish.

They wanted to find fred inside so they just started to wonder to wish on door one no one 


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