Perfectly witty perfectly evil, what was behind one mansion and the many nightmares it brought was there sometime of evil or just another Friday night in. A place in a great big mansion of mystery and doors to choose from.


Author's note

One kind Friday evil books

7. number 7 behind the door?

getting closer and closer, i can't see, for her fuzzy eyes, started to see a door of passion and many promising pleasures and pleasing things, what was door seven really behind this oddity.

Im shooken she thought, and suddenly the names of her friends gave her amnseia, I feel insane, she started to go crazy, and her bad luck number, was a dream, waht did go wrong? Beyond the door was number...

Please Chooose thhe right one,, they could hardly hear her voice in the air, and she melted, into the door way and in before they heard her warning. The door was perhaps another way.

Look, I see many more doors, the guys were up late and wondering about the rings and money hector found that same door, he must of thought it belonged to some other door...

Look something awfully starnge is going on here she replies,

Relax hector and the rest are just fine what about the rest of the doors?

Some seem to be forbidden and some lucky as hell..

Why, I don't know but it's, awfully starnge to see that, we must open after midnight. 

They all decided to ot sleep and find the lucky doors,,, but the horrible Dreams of unlucky numbers and Suoerticious, thirteen was suddenly becoming the one door, next to six..


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