Perfectly witty perfectly evil, what was behind one mansion and the many nightmares it brought was there sometime of evil or just another Friday night in. A place in a great big mansion of mystery and doors to choose from.


Author's note

One kind Friday evil books

6. Keys inside the missing door?

the missing door, wasn't always, then keys under were now gone completely disapeered.

All doors were possibly already willing to be opened. The very day was now becoming a nightmare too, but perhaps now, a door had every wish but the nuner behind it was not always promising.

Somehow the five guests, were now staring to enjoy a graet day and night.

The two missing somewhere seemed to be inside the door numbers one, and someother.

Still one hundred doors of unopened stil had to be more. What was behind the rest.

The ones left five had fierious suddenly come to more and more thoughts.

Keys they thought were now not needed so why was, there ️need to begin with?

The nighttime had every ones little guilty pleasure waiting for them.

Some though had money diamonds and came out okay, but some got dissapered just as night and day.

So why was there doors, and numbers? 

Searching the manshion of horrvella now needed answers, and the five people or guest started to seek all around within thier night, suddenly. Dreams and pleasure became fantasys and thier walking in the night became on e weird reality.

She suddenly saw her face in the mirror, her name was somebody, but her wish to oone a door was some number. Her birthday was seven, so Julia decided that night to open seven while the rest were searching the mansion of horrvella.

Her dream was, suddenly interrupted by footsteps on the ledge of the window followed by a cool summer breeze.

Sleepwalking is what started this, somehow she was getting closer to door seven.


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