Perfectly witty perfectly evil, what was behind one mansion and the many nightmares it brought was there sometime of evil or just another Friday night in. A place in a great big mansion of mystery and doors to choose from.


Author's note

One kind Friday evil books

4. Door one dare to open!

The door that fred went missing was behind people minds, yet the very one that she had was fine. And it brought her to think Abby a dream she had gave her a door full of diamonds. Peole started to become eary and wondering was door one evil, or just a door of something?

So many of the seven left had many wonders and the door they wanted to fufilling somehow opened at night past midnight? This seem like the perfect time to have. Aa dream many wanted there wishes fullfilled.

The night was like cool breeze windows opened and doors opened impossible Dream suddenly became real, the poeple that were in their rooms walked out but different times of the night.

Hector seemed to open door nine, and it even somehow he wanted to have money. And all the cash was in his pockets, weirdly he came out with just enough cash, the next morning poeple wondered how hector got so rich? Yet strangely number six door that villa chooses suddenly disapeared like fred was it just a coincidence or bad luck?

Poeple coudnt belive all doors up to one and one hundred had two people missing already.

The five left had gathered to unravel this starnge mystery, some didn't know though that even numbers were the only lucky ones, ️odd numbers somhow betrayed bad luck.

This was even weirder as the nights flew more and more wanted answers and didn't openn the rest of the ninty somethng door it seemed like an endless. Amount of doors.

However two still had money and riches but something lurked deeper within these doors, something so evil it was known what, was on the other side yet? Was the perfect wish going Scott free.

The doors seemed to have the five pople wondering what was behind many, still seemed have a hard time sleeping without opening there favorite door, 

Was this human nature coming out of wonder and greed, somhow the night,are is just begining?

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