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The sack that was once on my head laid on the floor in front of me. My head is throbbing due to the lack of oxygen. I attempt to lift my hands to my head.

"Are you serious?" I say as I realize my hands where tied.

I bring my attention to the middle aged man sitting at a desk

I groan "I'm not some kind of animal, Jordan."

He raises his eyebrow at me. I scoff at his reaction.

My head stops throbbing and I'm able to rip out of the rope. One of the guys standing next to me aimed his gun at my head.

"Anyway,"I say as I sit in one of the two chairs in front if the desk

"What is the problem? Last time I checked I haven attacked anyone for like 4 months" I yawn

"And thats Why I'm suspicious. You can snap at anytime. You have short temper. " He says while crossing his arms over his chest.

"No need,sir. I've got it under control. And Just because my dad told you to watch after me when he died doesn't mean you have the right to kidnap me!" I sigh

He lets out a laugh " your father was my best friend. Of course I'm going to watch over you.but the kidnapping part just adds affect to it all."

" I still find it odd how a hunter and a werewolf could be best friends." I smile

17 year old Taylor Leona is a werewolf, Odd right? Being and only child to a mother she never met and a father who died 2 years prior to Taylors 17th birthday. She's under constant supervision by her fathers best friend, Jordan Hernandez . A werewolf hunter. After a meeting took a sharp turn her life gets flipped upside down by one person.

Ashton Hernandez.


1. Chapter 1




Chapter one

Taylor’s POV



“I almost died!” Ellie rants as she park her matte black Lexus next to my bike.

“Me too! Some asshat almost hit me while I was coming off of the free way.” I pause and look Ellie dead in the eyes

“LEARN HOW TO DRIVE!” I smile/yell.

“Did you hear?” Ellie asks while walking up to the main entrance of the school.

“Hear what?” I ask

“There’s a new kid. And apparently he’s gorgeous.” See here’s the thing, Ellie here is the type of girl that you can tell her anything and she’ll remember it till the END. Gossip is her middle name.

“Oh yeah? I really don’t care.” I shrug

As we walk into the main doors the halls become quite and the students push themselves onto the walls. See, my friend group

Is know as the ‘popular crowd’ something that just happened. Some kids even call us “The wolf pack.” Which is kind of ironic because all my friends are werewolves.

I roll my eyes at the smell of everyone fear.

Ellie and I make our way to our lockers when a group of people where huddled in a circle and yelling “fight fight fight.”

I make eye contact with Ellie “is Jay really fighting someone this early in the morning?”

I squeeze through the group so I can be in the inner circle. I let Jay have his fun before I hear a loud crack and a ear piercing scream. I bring my hand to the bridge of my nose.

“Jay.” I try to get his attention

“Jay.” I try again but he’s too busy punching the poor kid in the face

I hear Ellie mumble ‘She’s Gonna Blow’ under her breath and cover her ears

JAY” I yell and the hall way goes quite. Jay let’s go of the bloody Freshman laying on the floor.

“Get to class.” I order and everyone scattered off even the poor freshman!

I smack Jay on the back of the head

“Ow what was that for?” He whined

“You know what that was for!” Ellie budded in

The first bell rings but no one is in the hall anymore. Am I that scary?

An arm wraps around Ellie’s and I neck

“What did I miss?” Chase, another one of the trouble makers asked

“Oh nothing. Just the usual. Jay beat up a freshman.” I shrug

“Dang it! This is the second time I miss a fight this week!” He huffs

As we walk to our class the restroom door opens to reveal Brandon, Aka the Lil baby of the group! He’s my favorite junior!

“Your fly is down Brandon.” Jay laughs

He looks down and the turns around facing the other direction to zip up his zipper. We let out a small laugh and continue to walk.

“Hey! You guys!” Someone says from behind us. At the end of the hall there was a boy maybe our age walking towards us.

We all turn around in Almost sync

“Is that the new kid you where talking about Ellie?” I ask. She nods her head yes.

“Do you know where the main office is by any chance?”He asked while stopping 5 feet away from where we were standing.

I mean he was really good looking with his Gray eyes Messy hair and perfect skin tone..


We silently look at him “do you know where the main office is?” He asked again eyeing Ellie and then looking at me. The guys catch on to his actions and stand in front of Ellie and I out of view.

“Off limites.” Brandon and Chase almost yell while crossing their arms over their chest.

“The office is that way” Jay says while pointing back down the hall.

Quickly Jay hooks his arm with my left arm chase hooks his arms with my right and Ellie’s left and then Brandon hooked his arm with Ellie’s right.

“You guys are such animals” I laugh

“Aren’t we all?” Chase laughed


Afternoon classes are always the best because there’s only basically 4 classes left. Well 4 if you count lunch. At the moment The group and I are bulldozing down the hall to the lunch room & per usual everyone clears out of the way.

We sit at our usual round table in the middle of the lunch room. I gag at the strong sent raiding off of the long table next to us. Which was the jocks and cheerleaders, some are werewolves and the others are humans. At most schools Football might be ‘the sport’ but at Richmond high school is lacrosse;Undefeated since ‘04. Most of The lacrosse boys are attractive but they’re the type to say “Ax gets rid of any smell. I don’t need to take a shower.”

They seemed more cocky than usual & that only happens when someone new comes into their group. I look around the table to see the Guy from this morning. Staring at our direction, mind you.

I bring my attention to Alex who was sitting in front Of the new guy. His eyes meet mine as He shivers with fear. I direct my eyes at the boys, who’s name I don’t know yet. Alex clears his throat and snaps his fingers in front the new kids face “Don’t stare.”

I ease drop on the conversation “see Ashton, That group right there. Is Known as ‘the Wolf Pack’. Don’t make eye contact with anyone of them. Especially The girls. The guys will make your life absolute hell. See that one with the red shirt that’s Chase, not some to mess with, he’s also super protective. Then there’s Jay, super short temper. He beat up a freshman today because he accidentally bumped into him. And then there’s Brandon, he’s mainly a good kid, he’s the youngest of the group. And that girl with the blonde hair and pretty eyes her name is Ellie, she’s cool like her personality it great.”

He pauses before continuing on to me. “And then there’s Taylor. She basically runs this school. She’s not a bitch, like most girls. But she definitely has power over all. She’s actually really funny and chill. She doesn’t always have a serious face either. She also throws the best parties ever. ”

I feel a little warm inside when he said that... what? I have feelings too. I’m not some horrid bitch.

“How do you know so much about them?” Ashton asks

Alex let’s a small laugh escape his lips “Taylor is my cousin, she’s always at my house or I’m at hers all the time she’s like a little sister to me. And I’m friends with that group but I fit in better with these assholes.”

Everything he said was true. he is like an older brother to me and he is friends with Ellie, Brandon, Chase, and Jay. He’s also super good at lacrosse and he talks about it ALOT. and when I said A lot I mean ALOT. that’s why he doesn’t sit with us because we don’t really talk sports.

"shes kinda hot." Ashton says while leaning on his hand

"they hear everything one way or another they'll find out you said that." little does he know *Evil laughs*

"what are you thinking about T?" Ellie asks while putting her hand on my shoulder.

"just where we are going after school." i lie

"the dinner duhhhhh." Ellie laughs 

I shake my head at her silliness.


"hellllloooooooo." Jay drags as he leans on the locker next to mine

"hey," i greet him as i shove the unneeded books into my locker

"hey listen i need to get something from my house. so ill meet you guys at the dinner." i explain

" yeah sure I'll tell the rest." he said as he reached up for my motorcycle helmet that was on the top shelf of my locker.

Jay proceeds to put on my helmet and put his hands on his hips. " look at me!! my name is Taylor and I'm sooooooo cool!" jay yells down the hall

teachers come out of the class rooms to tell him to be quiet " you know what? FUCK YOU" jay yells at his least favorite teacher

 i smack him on the back "Give me my damn helmet back ass." 

I start my bike and look at Jay who is just standing by my bike, with my helmet still on. I give him a look and he take it automatically. i shoot him a small thank you and he walks away 


i park my bike in front of my house and get off i stood there for a second while i checked my phone for any messages.  I hear the screech of tires coming to a quick stop.


A bag covers my head and i black out.





This is my first book on here so don't criticize me to hard... ahhahaha

but i am open to ant comments!

this chapter has not been edited yet but i will do that as soon as possible! 


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