How to raise the dead

A true zombie, scare fest after a evil curse found a book owned by a kid,
That was ignored about, suddenly turned the dead living again..
One nightmare of a series


Author's note

Horror fan fest one of kind copyrighted

1. The first zombie

it seemed that, every Cary story starts in a grave deep down, but we wanted to scrare you enough, somehow the ️️️️thinking of dead becoming alive again is very foolish to some.

Howevr the mysterious things that we think about coukd be just as well said.

One boy found a book of many, horror stories but the facet that he went to a cemetery, took guts but who knew that this book would be some kind of mysterios and cursed.

Should we belive that? Books contain some sort of evil or mysterious past. Somehow the people thought bringing back the dead was just foolish and not realistic.

Untill little Derek just fifteen proved that, theory.

One day he had the book and visited the cemetary Union that, he said a few words that would mimic him forver. 

The very words seemed harmless untill he saw the next morning a very strage and ️odd things.

The next and only days ahead proved him right.

Anything is possible, but e night seemed even more scarier as dead peoplel became more and more in the small town. People decided that they needed to get these zombies out.

Or back to their graves, and then more scarier things, unanswered question peeked out. About these dead people. Derek never said a word.

The zombies became terrifying enough and they were all over, gaining more and coming more. The fight was every one wanted answers, the zombies were Trully out and about.


Poeple locked houses got supplyes and we're ready for one zombie accomplices, they had more and more weapons and tryed everything's to survive the cement try's seemed to be full and full of them.





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