How to raise the dead

A true zombie, scare fest after a evil curse found a book owned by a kid,
That was ignored about, suddenly turned the dead living again..
One nightmare of a series


Author's note

Horror fan fest one of kind copyrighted

2. Many zombies from a-z

the most and brainwashing of the journey made the town full of secrets now poeplle hid in basements and houses and even tried more things.

Th book Derek had feel in a deep pit. Somehow the curse was forver until a mystical book once thought and ignored had such powers of curses.

Derek could only be in his new zombie world, Fil of people battling and protecting thier house and well being.

The very start of one nightmare was ️️could we sleep?

How to survive? And the fun we do having the very skills. And now this journey was spreading like fire. New techniques were out and zombies were more and more coming out of the unearthed grave.

Whatever the case one ️️secret still wasn't answered and these zombies had plenty of more, to feast and they were more horrifying then the living. ,any thing hhatr ould stop them from populating would be usefull.

Families started to wonder and think what caused this? But Derek's secret started to brin g nightmares as one he was starting to believe that nightmares could help his lost book?

Just waking up and noticing this was al was,moore terrifying somehow the very many zombies, we're just monsters and makng people more into them.

The only way seemd to find that book, until the pit Began to turn into a mysterious fire pit 

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