How to raise the dead

A true zombie, scare fest after a evil curse found a book owned by a kid,
That was ignored about, suddenly turned the dead living again..
One nightmare of a series


Author's note

Horror fan fest one of kind copyrighted

5. fire pit zombie town

one night was just enough the ones that survived, called it night locked up every door, and sudden houses barracated from the rest. Zombies found a home right in the town thier unearthing. Personality started to creep, the very thing Derek soon belived that his nightmare was, beyond one of the zombies.

Soon to discover the fire pit was actually, he'll possibly just a portal, yet e deep fighters keeping them safe were town people what was left or the many things.

It seemed not real but, this could be just a dream it seemed like that by now! As chilling as the zombie night,are seemed it had a book deep down by now and the pit of fire.

One person so brave to volunteer, as twisted and mellow as the fire scorned the pit, a few zombies fell to thier fate. Yet people surrounded the ominous pit. Derek had no, way of knowing if this pit was as terrible as it seemed.

Was the way the book that foolishly began the to wake the dead, suddenly he became aware of a new, way to get zombies into that firery hell hole.

Derek became, a memeber of the zombie crazy, believers that, the nights were holding zombies.msomehow the story of the book known to be able to wake the dead, was freshly out of his hands now.

The ️secret pit sarted to hound a lot of people that didn't know nothing about, the earn it desired ashes and more horrid things were, out of the towns cemetary.

Apparently The scariest things at midnight started to unravel new and exciting, ways to keep them under the arms of. Missing, prochecy, ferak wasn't the only one, by now zombies had tooken a good part of the pit, people surrender howevr the houses were still locked after midnight hours, somehow since night seemed to be always now, a new and wonderful outing turned a missing sunrise into a dark and terrible scary hour, of the day always pitch dark as it was light had a way to find the Niebgors. Suddenly 

Derek got the fire out and folowed a new friend or whta seemed to be one..

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