How to raise the dead

A true zombie, scare fest after a evil curse found a book owned by a kid,
That was ignored about, suddenly turned the dead living again..
One nightmare of a series


Author's note

Horror fan fest one of kind copyrighted

4. fire pit the zombies inside..

the nightmares warned about drefree to keep the pit away but e zombies outside suddenly became a new nightmare the weak became zombies and the peole that did survive began to see the nightmare outside. Inside the base,wnT left a town..

The crazy and earning answers began to leak more fire beyond, hidden upon an open pit was, the very monster of. Book suddenly so far and deep, at the depths of hell.

The book was so far so deep now, the underpaying mystery was a sudden night,are trun into all night twenty seven hours daily,.

The dark seemed to take over the day, and the new way was just nightmares within itself.

Derek coud new grounds new meaning to this awful way of living, somehow he survived like some others did. But the, relaxing calm moon always had gone into his deep down pit somehow that pit had more earth deep within.

The next, zombies would be full of fire themselves it would be even harder to get to smatter zombies, smart they, ️️say Trullly terrified them. Using the living by now.

The smarts and iq had them somehow more, tolerant to the living, but one, desting of a pit was ready to unleas itself, Derek came up with a way to get all, the zombies out of the town, perhaps it was too late, 

Freak, out of the town and a sudden, scream like no other, saw the pitches of hell in the deep pit geting wider and bigger.

Suddenly, zombie and the town of zombie was, getting to be a pit on its own...

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