How to raise the dead

A true zombie, scare fest after a evil curse found a book owned by a kid,
That was ignored about, suddenly turned the dead living again..
One nightmare of a series


Author's note

Horror fan fest one of kind copyrighted

3. Fire pit sequal one twenty chapters 20

The start, of zombies and now, the book mysteriously fell in a pit on fire, somehow it seemed like a worts nightmare and the put was, just full of fire, Derek was thinking, this was now one ️️true nightmare.

The town was named zombie now and the odd name even gave it some surreal meaning.

The nightmare became an illusion of sacry and many things chilling yet satisfying at the same time.

The destiny of peole became the zombies worst nightmare, untill the curse could somehow be lifted howevr without that book how could it be gone, the very chilling experience of saving yourself from zombies and other things became somee ways new reality. The pit was now a tireless, bottom of just some where in the middle of some. Town


Not just zombie town but a journey of new nightmares, somehow the homes became proof of keeping most zombies away, but some managed I get in. The outside seemed s'more terrifying some would risk and bring there best to get rid of them.

The fire pit was holding more stories that peole would feel in there nightmare.

Derek wasn't coming out with this ️secret, somehow the ️️secret became more real that he was , in a way, that he didn't need to come, or say the zombies took over and the new cemetary would just overload the living had to stay away unless the way they fear was to find the pit itself. The many things that scared the town was that zombies were escaping every where.

The sudden quietness became a zombie appocoplyse. The pit would just lay there everday. Derek now stood forth told his town what reallay happened? It would be surprising.

what was the ️true story.    Suddenly    It answered that question, but now the town needed help to get rid of these zombies. The book was just in a pit the dawn hours were coming and going men found new ways to get in this fire pit.


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