Brass Knuckles: A Tribute To The Antihero entry (NEWSIES LIVE FANFIC)

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  • Published: 20 Jul 2018
  • Updated: 25 Jul 2018
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[A Tribute To The Antihero ENTRY]

Oscar and Morris Delancey weren't always brutes or heartless humans, in fact, they used to be kids at some point. Now at the age of 17, they have been pulling in more cash than ever from beating up other Newsies on the street in which Uncle Wiesel pays them handsomely for. When it comes down to it, will fun get in the way of what's right?


2. Cripple

It wasn't always that Oscar actually made it to the ones he sought out, in fact, he was easily coined into a bet or leaving the Newsie alone for another one unfortunately selling in the square. This time, however, he'd found the little boy—he'd discovered his name was Chip—selling the same papes on a different corner, but he wasn't alone. A cripple stood by his side, keeping watch it seemed, crutch tucked under his arm in a way only he could pull off as intimidating though the boy was far from scary. This boy was Crutchie Morris, and Oscar beat the shit out of them both. 


A bag of money spread out on the dining table, the man behind it impressed with his nephew's work. 


"Both Crutchie and a little one in the one day," Wiesel laughed gruffly. "Youse got me impressed my boys!" As he set his hand on Oscar's shoulder, he wanted nothing more than to gut him and use his intestines as a wreath. The loathing he felt for his Uncle was overwhelming compared to how he felt about the no good newsies. It was horrible really, that the man had made them beat up on little kids for money, but they enjoyed it. 

It often became a game between the two. Who can beat the most, who could run away the fastest, it was always a game to them. No boy at the age of 17 should be doing such things, but Oscar and Morris didn't know any different, any better. It was always a game, a game with brass knuckles and metallic blood, just a game. 

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