The headmaster's daughter

Angel Dumbledore is the shy daughter of Albus Dumbledore.She is kind and sweet but not very smart.Follow her as she makes life changing decisions.And just pretend that Albus Dumbledore never died.


3. Little Burrow

It was a half-hour fly to Rose's house, but her parents wanted to go by 'car' (which is a vehicle on four circles called wheels and uses a Mootor) so we started the three hour trip to Rose's house.

For the first hour we played a game of exploding snap but Rose's father didn't like the noise so we had to stop doing that.

The second hour we ate Bertie Botts every flavor beans. However Rose ate a dog food flavored bean and vomited.So we had to stop doing that.

After the backseat was all clean,we ate chocolate frogs and I got a collection of sixty cards when we finally arrived at Rose's house.

An old wooden sign stood in front of the house saying:


"Why is your house called 'Little Burrow'?"I asked Rose.I stared at the house.It looked like it was about to wobble and then crash to the ground at any second but it didn't.It was probably held up by magic,just magic.

"Well my grandparents have a house called 'The Burrow' and dad loves it so we made a house called the Little Burrow but our house is larger than The Burrow"Rose shrugged.We walked up to the front door and it threw itself open when I was standing in front of it.It slapped me in the face.There was a huge red line coming from my left eye all down to my chin."Oh darling!Don't stress.Here."Hermione whipped out her wand and then shouted a spell that is to difficult for me to spell.The red line disappeared and I didn't feel a thing!"Thanks Mrs Weasley"I said.Hermione just smiled.Rose lead me into their house.I heard Hermione shouting at the door as if it was a real person ,I think that the door was enchanted.Rose lead me up the crooked stairs, to her room.

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