The headmaster's daughter

Angel Dumbledore is the shy daughter of Albus Dumbledore.She is kind and sweet but not very smart.Follow her as she makes life changing decisions.And just pretend that Albus Dumbledore never died.


4. A week with Rose

I saw all of the little Burrow's rooms but my favorite was Rose's room.The walls were covered with posters and photos of roses so that you could barely see her Rosy wallpaper.She had a wooden bed with pink quilts ,which were embroidered with roses.Her bedside table held a vase with three roses in it. And there was a wooden bookcase in the corner,but that was probably because Rose's mom loves to read.

On Monday we went to Diagon Alley and bought ice creams.Rose had a baby brother called Hugo and we then played with him.He is adorable!!

On Tuesday we played You know who and Dumbledore (a game where a person tags you.The tagger is called You Know Who)but I got upset when I realized that when I was trying to tag Rose I was trying to kill my father.

On Wednesday we watched quidditch (my favorite sport)and cheered so loud that the muggles could hear us.

On Thursday Harry Potter,Lily potter,Albus potter,James potter and Ginny Potter came around.Harry gave me and Rose a present.Mine was a ring that said "It matters not what you are born,but what you grow to be"or some puzzling sentence like that.It sounds like the thing that my father would say.

On Friday,we slept in and then exchanged chocolate frog cards.I ended up having twenty cards of my dad.SERIOUSLY???

On Saturday and Sunday,we played outside and had small picnics on a mint green hill near the house.

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